MFDC 21.7 Released!

by Micro Focus Employee in Information Management & Governance

The Micro Focus Desktop Containers team is proud to announce the latest release of MFDC version 21.7 for Application Streaming and Packaging.   This product can provide any app anywhere in this very mobile world.  For customers on maintenance or entitled to this product can download from your Micro Focus Customer Portal to upgrade to this latest version. 

Micro Focus Desktop Containers 21.7 consists of significant new and improved value add features including:

  • Filr Storage Integration. Filr 4.3+ is supported as an integrated Storage Provider along with others.  Leverage what you have invested in Filr Storage with MFDC integration, to allow those apps to directly use those files in the Filr Storage - called the tDrive.  Opening and saving files securely directly from Filr storage with the ability to open potentially dangerous files in the cloud instead of locally, preserving device integrity.
  • Session Hand-Off. Users can continue using the application after moving to a new device and can also reconnect back to their sessions after an accidental disconnect.  This allows flexibility of movement while using the application.
  • Mount Points.  The Application UI allows paths from the host to be mapped to paths inside application containers.  Access to external storage locations in the application container, helps with securing corporate documents.
  • Dashboard Session State Indicators.  Dashboard session state indicators provide live status updates of active application sessions and connections.  Additional session details such as duration and client types may be viewed by hovering over the item.
  • Workspace Behavior Enhancements.  Workspace notifications to users with custom messages, Delete Undo actions, Workspace Analytics and improved date localization on the Workspace administration site.
  • LMS Integrations expanded. Each release adds new capabilities to the LMS integrations.  This latest release allows for multiple connections and added control over presentation through new link text, workspace, and automatically create channel settings.  LMS can be configured to automatically grant user level permissions in workspaces upon access. 
  • Turbo Studio Debugger Log Analysis Tool.  This new tool Using the Turbo Studio Virtual Debugger UI simplifies diagnostics and review of the logs, pointing to the most likely issue that needs to be repaired quickly w/o having to call support.

We are excited with these latest capabilities available in your use of MFDC 21.7 application virtualization and streaming processes.  These are just the top few features in this latest release,  to view the full list of enticing capabilities and enhancements in this release refer to the MFDC 21.7 Readme Documentation.

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