Micro Focus Desktop Containers 20 and Application Streaming Add-on Released!

by Micro Focus Employee in Information Management & Governance

header.pngI am pleased to announce that the new Micro Focus Desktop Containers 20 and MFDC 20 Application Streaming Add-on subscription have been released. Together, these two products provide a mobile workspace solution that can be accessed from just about anywhere -- which is more important than ever in today’s world. Micro Focus Desktop Containers 20 with the Application Streaming add-on provide the following new capabilities:

  • Stream applications to your end-users wherever they are, on whatever device they have with them. Micro Focus Desktop Containers has always been a great solution for delivering your business applications to Windows devices, but with Application Streaming, you can now deliver those same applications to iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, and more. Through integration and orchestration of Windows Remote Desktop Services, you can deliver your applications to your users wherever they are, regardless of who owns the device, where the user is, or what device they are on.
  • Applications that follow the end-user. With built-in application profile management, the administrator can control whether the end-user gets a clean application every time, or whether the settings and changes that the end-user makes follows them from one place to another. This includes being able to follow the user from a Windows machine where they are running a locally executed container to any device they are streaming that same application from.
  • Storage visibility and cloud storage support. When you deliver applications to users on unmanaged or personally owned devices, it is critical that the data is protected. With built-in storage visibility support, you can hide drives you don’t want the user to see. This allows you to leave network storage such as the end-user’s home directory but hide their local drives or terminal server disks. With the new T: Drive capabilities you can also dynamically make the user’s corporate DropBox or OneDrive available in any of their containerized applications.


  • Network security. With the ability to tunnel application communication and restrict the network destinations an application can hit, you can further secure and protect your data and devices.
  • Clipboard isolation. Prevent applications from copying and pasting data between the containerized application and the host device to further improve security.
  • Redesigned the end-user portal. End-users now have a modern web portal that can be customized with your branding and terms and conditions that must be accepted before accessing the application.
  • Multi-factor and Federated Authentication. With support for Azure AD and SAML2 authentication, you can easily implement MFA support before users can access their applications. Out of the box, MFDC20 also includes an entitlement to NetIQ Advanced Authentication, Limited Edition. For more information on setting up MFA with NetIQ Advanced Authentication, check out this community article.

In addition to the improved digital workspace, we have also included several enhancements for those building and managing the applications and the system, including:

  • Improved application capturing. Build containers faster and easier using the network installation monitoring method. This monitors the installation while it is happening and lets you easily exclude processes that were not part of your install for cleaner and faster containers.
  • Access to the Turbo.net Repository. MFDC 20 now includes access to the full Turbo.net repository of pre-packaged applications. This makes it easy to get started with containers when building common applications such as browsers, productivity tools, etc.
  • Run and Merge. Easily customize existing containers by running the application and then making your changes from inside the application. Then simply exit the app and merge the changes back into your container.
  • Run time customizations. You can now execute layers based on conditions to better prevent conflicts. You can also customize the application components and isolation dynamically in the MFDC server instead of having to build them into the application. This helps provide greater flexibility and possibly reduces the number of containers you need to manage.
  • Portable applications. All the benefits of an MFDC Server delivered application are packaged in a self-extracting executable. Deliver the application through your standard software deployment tools but get all the benefits of license enforcement, automatic updates, and more.

Overall, Micro Focus Desktop Containers 20 with the new Application Streaming add-on provide a great solution for simplifying your application environment, improving data and device security, and delivering end users the applications they need to do their job, wherever and whenever they need them. If you are an existing MFDC customer, you’ll find the updated software and licenses in your portal shortly. If not, we would love to talk to you more about the solution.

Are you looking for a way to reduce the amount of time it takes to roll-out new applications, reduce application and OS conflicts, support legacy browser-based and thick applications and provide a simple, low-cost alternative to VDI allowing your users to securely access their digital workspace, from anywhere? Then Micro Focus Desktop Containers 20 with the new Application Streaming Add-on might be your answer. Find out more by visiting the new Micro Focus Desktop Containers website.