On Becoming an "Everywhere Enterprise"

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Enabling remote workers is becoming an expected offering from forward-thinking enterprise companies looking to get top-quality talent, but it brings its own problems, too. What are some of the biggest problems, and how are smart companies solving them? Today I hand the keyboard to Brett Knudson of Micro Focus Product Marketing to explain.


The last thing anyone wants to read right now is another blog post belaboring the “new normal.” Auspiciously, this is not that. Read on. The working world is different now and digital transformation is unequivocal. Many employees are demanding a more flexible working environment and employers are challenged with the need to be adaptable to keep workers productive and happy. Even though the physical location of work has changed for some, the actual work that needs to get done, unfortunately, has not and collaboration is still a vital piece of any organized team.

Organizations need tools that enable them to give workers the software, applications, and files necessary to complete their jobs, make real-time file sharing and collaboration easy and secure and help IT protect and manage devices that are no longer in reach. Aside from the benefits of remote work, there are some inherent challenges accompanying a more flexible work environment we must look to solve while the remote work iron is hot.

Here’s a look at a few of the challenges that stem from a remote working environment and suggestions from Micro Focus and others as to how to solve them. These were presented in a webinar that can be viewed on-demand here. These are strategies for creating an “Everywhere Enterprise.”:

Technology and Data Access

Workers still must do their jobs regardless of location. Often, this can prevent problems for organizations when deciding how to disperse technologies and access to them. Certain workers need access to certain applications or data, while others in the organization may need access to different ones to complete their job. Remote workers can also pose security risks for an organization when they store sensitive company information in a public cloud.

Solution Micro Focus Filr is a secure, enterprise-grade file sharing and collaborative co-editing platform for workers everywhere. Filr enables users with access to home directories and network folders from any device, allowing them to quickly get to work. If employees aren’t in the office, bring the office to them with Filr.

Communication and Collaboration

While eliminating in-office distractions, remote work can also make someone feel isolated or disconnected from their team members. Perhaps home is a more distracting environment for some. Also, without a commute, the transition into evening relaxation can blur, which can have a detrimental effect on employee enthusiasm and lead to burnout. It is vital for all team members to feel valuable and included, which comes from open and consistent communication and collaboration.


Micro Focus Enterprise Messaging allows for secure email, instant messaging, and chat-based collaboration with archiving and disaster recovery to keep teams connected. Enterprise Messaging provides organizations everything they need to provide secure, compliant enterprise messaging to communicate and collaborate with ease.

Avoiding Overwork

If one thing is certain in this modern world of working, it’s that nothing is certain. Lines have been blurred once previously separating home and work life. Nearly 70% of professionals who transitioned to remote work because of the pandemic report they now work on weekends and 45% say they regularly work more hours during the week than they did before. The commute from the home office to the bedroom often is not enough to silence the work brain enough to hear the normal brain.


Help teams be more productive and on-task with Micro Focus GroupWise. GroupWise gives employees and admins robust email, calendaring, task management, and contact management tools wherever they go. Use social threading in email to see what’s new and how many unread responses you have at a single glance. View and manage your appointments, tasks, and reminder notes in a calendar view. Most importantly, keep your emails and business information firmly within your IT department’s control.

Information Security

As one of the most important pieces of an “everywhere enterprise,” information security should be at the forefront of every remote worker strategy. IT professionals are not the only ones who are realizing the potential threats a work-from-home life can pose. Cybercriminals are tapping into the vulnerabilities left by companies that do not implement a robust endpoint protection solution. Ransomware can kill an entire business. If a business is important enough to exist, its data is important enough to protect.


Micro Focus Connected MX protects users’ data, no matter where they are working. Backing up data every 15 minutes minimizes data loss in the event of a ransomware infection. Connected MX reduces data loss further by transferring backups directly to a secure data center, rather than to a server on a client’s premises that could fail or be infected by ransomware. Think insurance for your data without the hold times.

Start Here Today

It’s not too late to start on your strategy to effectively utilize remote workers if you start now. Use our guide for finding, evaluating, and purchasing the right enterprise file sharing option for your organization here. For a complete list of Micro Focus collaboration and remote work solutions, visit our site.


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