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Technical Insight Series—Put the spotlight on your expertise

by Micro Focus Employee in Information Management & Governance

 Launched earlier this year, the Technical Insight Series – featuring regular online knowledge sharing events for customers and partners – has become a popular resource for our users to maximize their investment in our products. From sharing useful hints and tips to delivering technical deep dives, the series showcases our far-reaching portfolio, expertise, and experience in solving complex digital challenges.

Having delivered 165+ sessions globally to customers and partners, attendees have indicated they feel increased confidence in their ability to resolve product challenges. As Dr. Peter Atkins, Micro Focus, Academic Programs, Support and the Technology Transfer Partners (TTP), who developed the Technical Insight Series, said: “Customers join to learn about our products and to see how other customers have used them. Most customers who attend the sessions work in central IT services and this makes them a key audience – because if you can get a technical person familiar with the product, and happy and comfortable with it, they will advocate to their management that it’s a good solution.”

From our vast pool of sessions, we’d like to highlight some of the recordings to give you an idea of what we are covering:

TTP Conference Keynote Presentation

Company insights and updates presented by Peter Sianchuk, Vice President, World Wide Customer Success at Micro Focus. Watch now

The New Unified Management Console for OES

See a sneak peek into the new Unified Management Console for OES and how you can leverage the new UI to optimize your solution. Watch now

Data Protector backup of virtual & cloud services

Data Protector aims to provide a stable, agent-less backup and snapshot-management suite for virtual machines, containers, applications working on-premises and in the cloud, and storage providers. Watch now

NetIQ Data Access Governance: Ensure the right people have the right access

An Integration with NetIQ’s Identity Governance & Voltage Data Discovery gives organizations the power they need to expand the capabilities of access reviews. Now folders containing potentially confidential, sensitive, or regulated files can be easily reviewed to see user access permissions and if those permissions need to be kept, removed, or changed. Watch now

Useful Tools for NetIQ Identity Manager Admins

A review of the different tools that can help NetIQ IDM developers and admins. Watch now

The Technical Insight recordings and most of the presentation decks are available for free, at any time, in the online Community. Please make use of the fantastic content and help by asking additional questions, if you have anything in particular that you’d like to be discussed. Visit our discussion board and post your questions there. We’ll make sure that you get an answer!

With the successful conclusion of our virtual TTP event last week, our series of technical sessions is officially having a summer break until beginning of September. We will resume with weekly sharing/update sessions that will run continuously every Wednesday, with different product topics focusing on specific Micro Focus technology.

 Join in: Share Your Expertise with Other Product Users

As the Technical Insight Series continues to grow, the team is calling for customers and partners who have in depth technical knowledge of a product, or a particular area of a product, to present at upcoming events.

Collectively, we hold a wealth of knowledge and experience across Micro Focus and our product users. We are looking for product experts to present online sessions within the Technical Insight Series. If you would like to be part of this journey, please contact Technical.Insights@microfocus.com to discuss the areas that interest you,

If you would like to learn more or be involved in The Technical Insight Series, contact us! We hope to hear from you soon.

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