Top Reasons to Keep ZENworks Service Desk Updated

by Micro Focus Employee in Information Management & Governance

There are many questions about upgrading systems:

  • If the system is working why upgrade?
  • How long will my system be down when I upgrade?
  • What is the stability of the upgrade process itself?
  • What is the impact for my users of the system?
  • What are the benefits?
  • My system is private and behind the firewall so why upgrade?

All these are valid questions for any system, including ZENworks Service Desk.
We can't answer for all systems but we will answer these questions regarding the ZENworks Service Desk Product.
Some core reasons to upgrade ZENworks Service Desk are;

Support the Customer
Supporting the needs of your customers through providing a quick and efficient process to resolve their requests with the latest features and enhancements. 

Enhancements and Features
One of the most important factors for keeping your ZENworks Service Desk system current is to have the latest features and enhancements available to you in the product, providing these important functions;

  • An Intuitive Help Desk Experience
  • User Self Provisioning to Allow Help Desk Personnel to Perform Other Critical Tasks
  • Knowledge Search and Transfer for Education and User Self Help
  • Faster Processing of Requests By Using the Arsenal of Product Features
  • Gathering the Most Accurate Data From the Customer Up Front
  • Directing the Request to the Most Qualified Technician
  • Powerful Workflow to Automate Notifications and Improve Communication

For the latest features review the ZSD v8.3 What's New video here.

Security patches
Libraries and binaries are constantly evolving and becoming more secure and the system functions more effectively as they evolve.

Architecture changes
As new libraries and binaries come into play the code is:

  • More efficient as the system is running
  • Enriched for the end users in mind
  • Designed for simplified upgrades

Customer / User Experience (CX/UX)
Recent versions of ZENworks Service Desk introduced a new code where a new modernization of the User interface is being improved so that the Customers and Users have a more intuitive experience when navigating through the system.  

Upgrading the System

  • Online Update channel
    This design allows for downloading and scheduling of downtime for installation.  This channel delivers the latest security patches on a regular quarterly cadence for protecting the system and your data.  It also delivers minor version upgrades/features to minimize scheduled downtime with the latest security, fixes and features.
  • Side-by-Side Upgrades
    The Side-by-Side upgrade process is for major version upgrades where the Operating System or database changes along with the latest features.  It requires standing up the new version of the ZSD system and migrating the identity of the old appliance to the new appliance returning to production in minimal downtime with the latest security, fixes and features. 

To observe the Upgrade Process review the Migrating to ZSD v8.3 video here.

All these put together makes ZENworks Service Desk version 8.3 the most modern and intuitive version delivered to date, to provide you with getting the most accurate information up front from the customer, routing it to the skilled technician for quick resolution w/out delay. It also provides an education platform of knowledge transfer and self help to speed the process.


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