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10 Reasons for Backing Up Your Cloud Applications with OpenText Data Protector 24.1

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In today's digital landscape, where businesses rely heavily on cloud applications for critical operations, ensuring the safety and resilience of their data is a must. OpenText Data Protector offers a powerful solution for safeguarding cloud applications, as well as providing a comprehensive approach to data protection.

Despite the widespread adoption of cloud environments, there is a prevalent misconception that hosting data in the cloud negates the need for robust backup strategies and many assume that the inherent redundancy and reliability of cloud services eliminate the risk of data loss. However, this can be a critical misjudgment in your resiliency and disaster recovery strategy.

Cloud environments are not impervious to accidental deletions, cyber threats, or other unforeseen events that can compromise data integrity. OpenText Data Protector acts as a crucial layer of defense, ensuring that even in a cloud-centric infrastructure, a comprehensive backup strategy remains indispensable for maintaining data security, compliance, and overall business continuity. The belief that the cloud is an invincible fortress for data is a fallacy and organizations must recognize the importance of a dedicated backup solution such as OpenText Data Protector for complete data protection.

In this blog, we explore ten compelling reasons why backing up your cloud applications with OpenText Data Protector is not just best practice, it is a strategic imperative.

  1. Data Loss Prevention:
    OpenText Data Protector acts as a shield against data loss, whether caused by accidental deletions, software failures, or malicious activities. With its advanced features like Enhanced Automated Disaster Recovery (EADR) or its broad Application Integration, it provides a safety net to recover critical information efficiently.
  2. Multi-Cloud Storage Flexibility:
    The flexibility to store backup copies in any public, private, or hybrid cloud environment ensures that your organization can align its backup strategy with specific performance, cost, and regulatory requirements. OpenText Data Protector automates the movement of backup data between different tiers in your public cloud provider, like Amazon Glacier or Microsoft Blob Storage. As well as this replicating data between different clouds can be done and automated with a few mouse clicks. You can forget about vendor locking if you use Data Protector.
  3. Local Datacenter Replication:
    OpenText Data Protector goes beyond cloud storage, allowing customers to replicate backup copies to a local datacenter, providing them the capability of choosing the best strategy, whether that be HPE Cloud Bank, Dell EMC Cloud Tier or our own OpenText DPD technology. This ensures that you have a local copy of your data for swift disaster recovery or compliance with data residency requirements. For a number of years, OpenText Data Protector has enabled efficient and secure replication of the data inside and outside of cloud providers, orchestrating the copies from our console and allowing the appliances do the hard work of moving the data.
  4. Business Continuity Enhancement:
    By utilizing OpenText Data Protector, you bolster your organization's business continuity efforts. In the face of unforeseen events, Data Protector offers quick and efficient data restoration, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted operations. Included in the standard Data Protector license is EADR, this covers the mayor operating systems in both virtual and physical environments. However, having the right tools is not enough to guarantee recovery. Testing the recovery process and the backups is key and by using Data Protector’s internal capabilities like Object Verification or the new Anomaly Detection integration powered by OpenText Machine Learning technology, you can test not only your recovery plans but also make life much easier when proactively managing the infrastructure.
  5. Compliance Adherence:
    Meeting regulatory standards is simplified with OpenText Data Protector. The option to replicate backups locally facilitates compliance with regulations that mandate data resiliency or require organizations to have local data recovery capabilities. Embedded into Data Protector since the very beginning our Object Copy technology allows modification of retention times and transparent moving of backed up data from cloud, disk or tape at any time. In addition, OpenText Data Protector adheres to the most demanding security standards such as Common Criteria or FIPS.
  6. Versioning and Historical Data Restoration:
    OpenText Data Protector's versioning features empower you to restore data to specific points in time. This proves invaluable for recovering from errors, identifying the origin of issues, and maintaining data integrity. Pointing to those vendors providing only snapshot protection, the possibility to choose a point in time to restore can be absolute must, any Data Protector administrator who can perform restores of a database can automatically apply logs up to one point, either in the past or in the future simply and efficiently.
  7. Scalability and Adaptability:
    The scalability and flexibility of OpenText Data Protector ensure that your backup strategy grows seamlessly with your business. No matter how large your cloud infrastructure grows, we have you covered. Automated and scheduled backups can be easily managed, accommodating changing data volumes and operational requirements, and our flexible licensing mode can adapt to any use case.
  8. Enhanced Security Measures:
    OpenText Data Protector incorporates advanced security measures, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your backup data. With encryption and secure transmission protocols, your data remains protected throughout the backup process. Data Protector gives the user the possibility of choosing who will manage the encryption keys, either an external appliance or the cell manager itself. There are also some simple options that can prevent attackers from reaching your data, and we are not only talking about encryption, for example, Data Protector uses a proprietary format to store the data on the media, that makes it impossible to run any malware on the media itself, (another good reason for not relying in Snapshots for backup). You may also think that your data is protected against Ramsonware just because it’s hosted in the cloud, but the infection can spread and impact your data wherever it is, physical, virtual or containers… so you better have a plan B, B as in Backup. In OpenText Data Protector we are committed to becoming the most secure backup software on the market, offering Encryption, Secure Communications, RBAC, 2 Factor Authentication, LDAP Integration, Anomaly Detection, 100% Linux Compliance and more much to come… so stay tuned…
  9. Cost-Efficient Solution:
    While there may be associated costs with cloud storage, if you decide to store your backups in the cloud, OpenText Data Protector provides a cost-efficient solution for comprehensive data protection. The investment in safeguarding your data is a strategic one and is done in order to mitigate the potentially severe costs of data loss. Data Protector’s capability of moving data across tiers or replicating historical data to the cloud helps to optimize backup related expenses. Data Protector offers a flexible licensing model based on TB of front-end backup capacity, either in Subscription or Permanent License. This model allows customers pay only for the first backup no matter how many copies they have, so you pay as you grow but don’t pay twice for the same data.
  10. Streamlined Management and Peace of Mind:
    The intuitive management interface of OpenText Data Protector simplifies the backup process. This, coupled with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is secure and recoverable, allows IT professionals and stakeholders to focus on strategic initiatives rather than firefighting data loss incidents.

In conclusion, OpenText Data Protector is a critical component in fortifying your organization's data protection strategy. Its diverse storage options, local datacenter replication capabilities, security, and advanced features, make it a reliable ally in safeguarding your cloud applications against data loss and ensuring business continuity. As organizations continue to embrace cloud technologies, the role of robust data protection solutions like OpenText Data Protector becomes increasingly indispensable.

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