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2 Days in the Life of a Chief Human Resources Officer

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Before Jayne

Meet Jayne. Jayne is the Chief Human Resources Officer at a major educational organization in Austin, Texas. Managing employee benefits, retirement plans, grievances, compliance issues, and harassment claims are merely drops in her task bucket. Jayne is stretched thin and is feeling the pressure from all her traditional tasks as well as new emerging tasks such as email communication data management and protection.

Jayne is tasked with balancing the people side of HR and the information side of HR since both are affected by each other. It has come to Jayne’s recent attention that employees are misusing electronic communication channels and there are reports of internal bullying between employees. This kind of news worries Jayne and is the kind of thing to keep any CHRO up at night.

While this instance is commonplace in organizations, Jayne doesn’t want this to happen at hers. However, she is overwhelmed and doesn’t know where to start because her other issues are stacking up. Issues like:

  • Communication oversight. Employees at Jayne’s organization are in constant communication throughout their workdays. Without tools in place, it’s very difficult for Jayne to have any sort of view into what people are saying and whether their communication is within corporate and federal compliance policies.
  • Employee policy enforcement. If Jayne could force everyone to comply and communicate in the appropriate way, she would. But she can’t. She needs a way to ensure employees are not sharing inappropriate content or transmitting policy-violating information. She knows she needs to establish communication policies and then set in place a way to enforce them.
  • Employee case assessment. This point hit particularly close to Jayne’s home since they were just informed of employees misusing communication channels. She wants to find a way to allow authorized individuals or legal team members to perform complete eDiscovery and case assessment audits without the need for IT involvement.
  • Prevent internal harassment. Jayne has dealt with harassment in the workplace before and has a zero-tolerance policy at her organization. One of her primary goals in her position is to prevent harassment, bullying, and other inappropriate behavior by having oversight of electronic communication by using keyword alerts and filters.

It seems Jayne’s list of issues keeps growing and she knows she needs to find a better way of managing an organization’s communication data.

After Jayne

Meet Jayne. Jayne is the Chief Human Resources Officer at a major educational organization in Austin, Texas. While others at her organization walk, Jayne runs. She acts while others just talk. They call her the winner who takes all. You get it.

Jayne tackles her ever-increasing task list with ease. Her job includes many moving parts, and she must solve complex issues often. She is hyper-focused on preventing harassment and ensuring every single employee at her organization feels valued and safe.

Recently, Jayne was informed about certain individuals at her organization were targeted and were being bullied and harassed. Unfortunately, she and her team were having difficulty catching the employees committing the violations in the act, as much of the content was posted and quickly deleted. With no physical record of the damaging content, Jayne had no proof of the violations and sought out a solution that could capture all their employees' electronic communication data and help her search the results to gain conclusive evidence.

Once Jayne researched, purchased, and implemented the solution, she put in place policies to monitor employee communication data based on keywords used in previous attacks. When inappropriate communication occurred, a pop-up message would appear on the employee's screen: "This post is in violation of organizational policy." The text and metadata of the social media post were captured, archived, and an alert was sent to the network administrator. Thus, the HR team had all the information they needed to quickly understand what was said, to whom, and which individuals were involved. Thanks to this, they were able to efficiently resolve the problem and prevent any future infractions within the organization.

Since implementing this solution, Jayne has been able to effectively monitor and archive all email and mobile communication data. The unexpected benefit of this software was that it enabled the organization to filter and block employee access to inappropriate websites, as well as keep a record of all attempted searches. This provided a means for the organization to identify individuals who violated their employment contract and communication policy and notify them of the violation, which ultimately enabled them to prove cause to terminate them.

Since implementing the software solution, Jayne has successfully stopped all inappropriate content from leaving the company's network. This has drastically reduced their risk of harassment claims and provided compelling evidence to defend against wrongful termination lawsuits. They estimate an overall decrease in litigation and claims costs of more than 83%, proving the efficacy of the software.


While the small details were made up, the actual story isn’t. This is a real success story with real results. Want to know how “Jayne” and her team did it?


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