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2 Days in the Life of a Chief Risk/Compliance Officer

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Before Kim

Meet Kim. Kim is the Chief Risk and Compliance Officer at a major law enforcement authority in Baltimore, MD. Kim is kind of like the foundation that keeps the rest of her organization standing. With the recent influx of SEC scrutiny, fines, and enforcement targeting those in Kim’s position, she is, not surprisingly, feeling the pressure.

Kim is tasked with the pursuit of enforcement actions under what is called the “Compliance Rule” or Rule 206(4)-7 of the Investment Advisers Act. This rule requires that registered investment advisers adopt and implement written policies and procedures designed to prevent violations. Kim knows she not only has to create and enforce policies but also must be prepared with a response if an enforcement audit arises, thereby mitigating the risk of violations and fines. This is a tall drink of tasks for one person.

There are countless concerns Kim faces every day as she keeps her organization in regulatory compliance. Some of which include:

  • More SEC regulations. With more and more SEC regulations, it’s more and more important for an organization to create and enforce policies that will help the organization be prepared if an enforcement audit arises. And they do.
  • Too many employees to monitor. It isn’t realistic to expect every employee to never send policy-violating communication and it isn’t realistic to try to manually find these instances. Kim needs a way to capture and monitor policy-violating communication, including email and mobile messaging. She needs to ensure employees are not sharing inappropriate or policy-violating content. And with so many employees, this seems like an overwhelming task.
  • She can’t do all audits herself. When an audit arises, Kim has been the one to be called on to present the necessary documents and archived communication. She wants to find a way to empower administrators, auditors, and authorized users to perform essential functions, including regulatory searches and litigation holds, as well as to print, forward, save, redact, and export data.
  • Kim knows to ensure compliance with retention standards, organizations must securely archive and store email, social media, and mobile communication data in one centralized location. Additionally, they must have measures in place to prevent message alteration or deletion, while being able to quickly access, search, and export the archived data.

Kim’s worries seem to never end because she’s being asked to do more with less. Kim faces yet another sleepless night.

After Kim

Meet Kim. Kim is the Chief Risk and Compliance Officer at a major law enforcement authority in Baltimore, MD. Kim is known around her company as the glue that holds everything together. Even though she’s faced increased scrutiny from regulatory bodies, Kim remains grounded and confident knowing her organization is ready for anything.

Kim championed the project of implementing a solution to help with their information archiving needs.

The DOJ demanded that their organization provide all their case-related information - including email, and mobile data of specific employees involved in the case - within seven days. The time pressure made this task even more challenging. That’s a lot for a single week and probably not something a single person can accomplish without the proper tools at hand.

Fortunately, this agency had a unified archiving solution in place that enabled them to easily retrieve the data and provide it to the DOJ within the seven-day window. This communication data was instrumental in helping the Department of Justice to both support and disprove specific aspects of the case. Without the right solution in place, this request in such a short time frame would have been almost impossible to accomplish.

While the small details were made up, the actual story isn’t. This is a real success story with real results. Want to know how “Kim” and her team did it?


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