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Announcing Micro Focus Backup Navigator 9.80

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Micro Focus Backup Navigator 9.80, a companion product to our backup and recovery products, Data Protector and VM Explorer, is an analytics, backup monitoring and reporting tool which allows customers to monitor and optimize their backup and recovery environment and backup strategy. Backup Navigator provides IT staff with customizable, interactive and analytical reports based on 80 key backup performance indicators. Using these reports, IT staff can proactively identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies within their backup operations and unbalanced use of backup resources, find and resolve backup issues and potential resource conflicts, and do data-driven planning for future capacity needs.

Today we are announcing the General Availability of Backup Navigator 9.80 which supports the just-announced core backup and recovery product, Data Protector 10.02. Read this blog to find out about the previous release, 9.70.  The new Backup Navigator 9.80 enables the following features: 

  1. Support for Backup Navigator running on a Windows server

In addition to running on a Linux OS, Backup Navigator is now also supported on Windows 2012 R2 enabling it to be used backup environments where only Windows servers are used.

  1. Predefined summary dashboard

A new predefined summary dashboard provides an at-a-glance backup infrastructure health status, Service Level Objectives status and the latest backup status. Administrators can drill down on the graphs to receive additional information that will help to proactively address any issues.

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3. New monitors for overlapping sessions

Many users experience the problems associated with a session of the same application being started before the previous session has finished. Backup Navigator 9.80 enables an alarm for each overlapping session with the same backup specification. In case of an alarm, administrators can find the root cause for the problematic sessions as well as the potential root causes. Users will also receive recommended actions such as: check for general performance problems, check for frequency of running sessions, etc.

4. Target prediction for non-dedupe devices

Users need to understand the growth of protected data in order to predict additional storage requirements. By using Backup Navigator 9.80, administrators can see the growth of the volume of the protected data for complete backup infrastructure. They can see this information on the level of Media Pool and on the level of backup specifications. Users can also see the approximate time when the limit with Target resources or with Target resources will be reached, and will detect which Backup Spec / Application Backup is experiencing bigger growth than expected.

 5. Monitoring the amount of free space per dedupe node

Users are now able to track the amount of free space per dedupe store. This provides visibility into the amount of free space per device without accessing the dedupe device console as well as the relation between dedupe devices and dedupe nodes.

6. Simplified Service Level Objectives Monitoring

The monitoring of SLO (Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) is simplified with Backup Navigator 9.80. All applications are set for one of three SLO categories: gold, silver and bronze based on average application Recovery Point (RP) and Recovery Time (RT). In cases when one of the applications breaches the RPO or RTO set for category, Backup Navigator sends an alarm to the administrator.

For more information on these features, check out the Data Protector Quick Specs and the Product Release Notes. Please also visit our product pages at: 



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