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Announcing Micro Focus Backup Navigator 9.90

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Today we are announcing the general availability of Micro Focus Backup Navigator 9.90, a companion product to our backup and recovery solution, Data Protector and an integral part of the Data Protection Suite. Backup Navigator is an analytics, monitoring and reporting tool which allows customers to monitor and optimize their backup and recovery environment and backup strategy. Backup Navigator 9.90, which reflects the Micro Focus brand, supports the just-released Data Protector 10.03. You can also learn more about the previous release, Backup Navigator 9.90, in this blog.   Backup Navigator 9.90.PNG

The new Backup Navigator 9.90 enables the following features: 

  • Enhanced Monitoring: Live sessions

Backup Navigator helps to monitor online concurrently running sessions on all Data Protector Cell Managers which are monitored by Backup Navigator.

  • Improved Reporting: Listing of most frequent errors

Backup Navigator reports the errors to users that the Data Protector sessions most frequently report—along with the root cause and proposed resolution for each. By resolving these most frequent errors, customers can improve the backup success rate.

  • Improved Reporting: Backup Specifications content

By running the drill down command on the ”List of Backup Specs” customers can see the backup specification details for any backup spec in the Data Protector environment.

  • Enhanced Workflow: Restart failed sessions

With Backup Navigator it is possible to restart all failed sessions in multi Data Protector Cell Environment from the “List of backup Specs” report.


For more information on Backup Navigator, please go to the product pages  







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