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Archiving for Enterprise Resiliency and Agility

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Two vital strategic assets define today’s digital organizations: the data they hold and the effectiveness of the people they employ. Celebrating recent innovations from the Micro Focus Information Management & Governance team, Achmad Chadran looks at the topic of enterprise-class compliance archiving to explore the importance and key attributes of today’s digital archiving solutions.

Compliance Archiving for Enterprise Resilience and Agility

Header.jpgWe live, work, and play in a Digital Era. In this era, data is the lifeblood of any organization, whether public or private, for-profit, or not-for-profit. The information an organization creates, uses, analyzes, and stores is a major component in its competitive differentiation, and – used prudently – can be a vital resource for maximizing value and asserting strategic advantage.


Everything is Data and Data is Everything

Enterprise data is fluid and ever-changing by nature. That is because communication and collaboration empower organizations to thrive amid relentless change.

Already heterogeneous, enterprise data continues to diversify. It is a rich mix of threaded messages, tabular data, documents, images, and audio and video content. Mission-critical collaboration data (e.g., Slack, MS Teams, Zoom), email, social media posts, and digitized voice communications have all driven significant growth in data volumes and heterogeneity. Much of this data is valuable and sensitive.

Market research firm IDC projects the total volume of data worldwide will nearly quadruple between 2019 and 2025, to reach 175 Zettabytes. This data is scattered, managed across a pastiche of silos and repositories, including corporate data centers, cloud repositories, and various points of operation.

And it is strategic. It all adds to an enterprise’s unique value proposition.

For this reason, enterprises need not only to protect and preserve this data but to ensure their fast and easy access and analysis.

Don’t Sandbag, SURF the Zettabyte Tsunami

There is persistent anxiety about corporate data growth. The specter of a growing data tsunami intimidates many IT managers, who systematically purge these strategic assets as their only option.

Yet given that storage prices continue to descend (for example, per-GB prices for cloud storage have fallen to as low as a penny per month for BLOB data), retaining these assets poses much less burden today than it did at the turn of the century. Moreover, rapid advances in SaaS and Big Data analytics technologies mean that enterprises can extract strategic insight and administrative oversight much more easily and quickly than was possible even five years ago.

In short, given our Digital Era economics, the material benefits of enterprise-class compliance archiving far outweigh their costs. By the same token, the practice of data purging has now become a source of risk and opportunity cost.

Effective Digital Data Archiving

The operative distinction in this discussion, of course, is “enterprise-class.”

As enterprise strategists, we understand that compliance archiving is very different from storage. At the risk of oversimplification, storage is about aligning read-write performance – the higher the performance, the more costly the storage media and architecture – with application workloads. By contrast, compliance archiving technologies focus on preserving and certifying data integrity, enabling advanced search, supervisory capabilities, and analytic capabilities such as tagging, holds, and enrichment. Storage metadata is lean compared to archiving metadata, which is rich and layered.

Further, given the unprecedented surge of enterprise data, compliance archiving demands solutions that offer scale, speed, and high ease of use. Enterprise-class compliance archiving solutions need to ingest data from a vast and broadening range of communications and collaboration media, to enable fast search and query across a motley mix of structured and unstructured data types, and to deliver both raw data and contextual information easily and quickly upon the query.

Finally, enterprise-class compliance archiving solutions need to serve information managers in a variety of roles and responsibilities – Legal and Compliance Officers, Human Resources Analysts, Marketing Strategists, Chief Information or Data Officers, and Customer Support Directors, among others – with equal ease and effectiveness. To serve this diverse community, compliance archives need extensive configurability. The enterprise-class compliance archive needs to empower each specialist to run deep analyses easily and quickly, yet without risking the exposure of data – e.g., personally identifiable information (PII) – they are not authorized to access.

Smart Compliance Archiving 

In the Digital Era, our organization’s critical data fuels our success. True, we are swimming in data. However, our data is vital for maximizing enterprise resiliency and agility. Today’s Digital Era economics dictate that the costs incurred by purging communication and collaboration data far exceed the costs to archive it effectively. Enterprise-class compliance archiving needs to meet exceptionally high standards for scalability, ease of use, and high performance, in addition to such table-stakes requirements as compliance, privacy, searchability, auditability, and analytics.

Micro Focus is committed to helping you manage your data over its entire life cycle. Our portfolio of Archiving and Risk Management products and services attests to this commitment. The latest Supervisor 10 releases offer innovations and advances to support today’s pressing need for enterprise-class, robust, secure, compliant digital archiving solutions. These new releases give our customers an enriched, Compliance Data Lake architecture that can bring together the gamut of messaging and collaboration content for streamlined search, query, and analysis to serve today’s strategic imperatives as well as those that arise in the future.

The demands of the Digital Era compel organizations to preserve corporate data to glean insight, in addition to ensuring legal and regulatory compliance.