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Are you making the most of your backup software?

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header.jpgOn the surface, data backup is simply about making sure a copy of all your important data is stored somewhere secure so that it can be restored when needed. As with everything, however, there is a lot more to it than just making a copy. Micro Focus has just wrapped up its annual Micro Focus Universe event and in it, several sessions outlined some of the many capabilities of Micro Focus Data Protector. Here we highlight a few of the areas covered but there are many other tips and insights discussed in the sessions.


  • The importance of application integration
  • LAN, WAN or FC-SAN backup
  • Key backup types to fight ransomware
  • Encryption
  • Security protocols, certifications, and communication


  • Setting and measuring RPO and RTO
  • What is being backed up, and what is not
  • Predicting use and growth
  • Optimizing storage


  • There are many aspects of a backup solution that can affect performance so make sure you are aware of what is possible and what may work in your environment.
  • Multiplexed and parallel data streams EADR

Legacy, cloud and online

  • What storage systems are you using now?
  • What are you planning to use in the future?
  • Will you need to change or add to your backup solution to accommodate any changes in your storage requirements?

Real-World Insight

real world insight.pngAs part of the Data Protector in Action session, we were provided details of how Microlise, a long-time Data Protector customer, saves time and money by using one specific feature. Enhanced Automated Disaster Recovery (EADR) enables them to backup their Hadoop system configuration information and quickly restore any nodes which may go down. While there is high availability and built-in redundancy on their cluster servers the longer any node is down, the greater their vulnerability, so a quick recovery is essential to maintain their 24x7 operations. Microlise reveals some of the tips and procedures they found to ensure an efficient and repeatable recovery process.

EMEA has it all

While the Micro Focus Universe event was repeated for each of the three geographic regions, time and logistics meant that the EMEA event allowed us to have three full Data Protector sessions, all of which are now available on-demand. It is possible for anyone to login to the EMEA event and replay these sessions to get insight and understanding of what is on offer. Either search for Data Protector or scroll down the list of sessions for Wednesday, March 24. The sessions are:

  • Secure Data Protection – Why Critical Applications Need It
  • Keeping Businesses Running – Recovery from Cloud and Local Data Storage
  • Data Protector in Action – Secure Backup and Fast Recovery

Seeing it in Action

While the conference was virtual there was an exhibition zone that could be browsed, and Data Protector had a booth, complete with a few demos of some of its capabilities.  This would be a great time to get a real feel for how Data Protector handles some of the functionality. Each demo lasts only 10-12 minutes so is a great way to get a feel for what has been incorporated with the newest release, including support for Microsoft 365 Exchange Online and how the reporting dashboard looks and operates.seeing it in action.png


As well as the information and discussions that were held at the conference you may be interested to see what is upcoming in the regular monthly Data Protector webinar series. You can check out the schedule of the monthly webinars here and register for more updates and insight.

More Info

For more information on how to take advantage of the new and enhanced capabilities see the Data Protector product resources and information:

  • Data Protector documentation on the Practitioner Portal here
  • Upgrade information to get to the latest release of Data Protector here
  • Have technical questions about Data Protector? Visit the Data Protector User Discussion Forum
  • Keep up with the latest Tips & Info about Data Protector!
  • Do you have an Idea or Product Enhancement Request about Data Protector? Submit it in the  Idea Exchange.

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