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Backup Deduplication Taken to Another Level

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Announcing Data Protector 11.00

Data growth continues at an unrelenting pace and trying to ensure all aspects of managing that data can be accomplished is an increasing challenge.  Growth in data leads to performance concerns in trying to manipulate or move the data.  Storage usage needs to be monitored closely to ensure the right storage type is available in the right place. Deduplication of the data is an essential tool to help address these concerns and the new release of Micro Focus Data Protector introduces a new deduplication engine capable of handling the largest backup data set. 

 Micro Focus has just released version 11.00 of Data Protector, its backup and recovery software product.  Part of the Information Management and Governance portfolio, it is an enterprise-scale backup and disaster recovery solution delivering full backup capabilities across the complete environment.  It protects data residing in heterogeneous, geographically distributed data centers, on-premise local stores, and multi-cloud hybrid environments. This enables a central IT organization to offer seamless protection and disaster recovery strategies while mitigating application and service outages or downtime due to data loss. These capabilities help organizations address security, compliance, and governance requirements across their full data environment.

The release of Data Protector 11.00 is a significant release for Data Protector as it completes a period of architectural updates and security improvements.  These updates have improved the stability and usability of the product, particularly for upgrades and installations. It has also brought in significant, new capabilities and functionality addressing performance, storage infrastructure, and application backup.

Enhanced Features and Benefits:

With the release of Data Protector 11.00 a new deduplication engine is introduced which will significantly expand the deduplication functionality of Data Protector up to PBs. It removes the dependency on the HPE StoreOnce deduplication feature and offers greater scope for much more substantial deduplication capability across all storage platforms. The deduplication capability can be hosted on multiple media including physical, virtual, and cloud, and be on-premises or remote. Supporting Linux and Windows for source or target side deduplication the deduplication functionality is similar to that normally found only on deduplication appliances.

With the increasing use of online applications, further enhancements have been applied to the Microsoft 365 Exchange Online backup function.  The increased flexibility of allowing full or incremental backup, and mailbox or folder level restores also boosts performance resulting in smaller RTO and lower capacity usage.  Better security and HA are available by allowing the backup media to be copied anywhere. The folder excludes option delivers improved flexibility and operational performance.

Further improvements are made to the upgrade and usability of Data Protector along with the ongoing security enhancements and updates. These serve to increase confidence in the stability and ease-of-use of the solution as well as further safeguarding critical data during increased cyber attacks.  Virtual Machine backup enhancements help improve usability options and performance while delivering gains in RTO reduction.  Other functionality incorporated include newer platform certifications, improved new install and upgrade operation, and roll-back plan documentation.

Data Protector 11.00 Release Highlights

Platform Integrations

Microsoft 365 Exchange Online backup and restore:

  • New ability to select either full or incremental backup
  • Restore now shows protected mailboxes first and allows more selection and filtering options
  • Folder-level restore shrinks RTO and capacity
  • Mailbox selection enables access to individual folders
  • ‘Exclude’ option removes specified folders from backup. ‘Deleted Items’ and ‘Junk Email’ are predefined exclusions.
  • Copy option to allow specification copy to an independent new copy
  • Edit capability to existing configuration enables changes or renewal of the Azure Application Secret or Publisher Domain
  • Backup media can be copied anywhere enabling HA, security, and long-term retention

Nutanix Solution Scripts

  • Updated scripts with “Nutanix Ready” approval


New software deduplication engine

  • Enterprise features normally usually found in backup appliances
  • Easy setup and configuration, following existing workflows
  • Scales from 100GB to many 100TB’s
  • Source and target-side deduplication
  • Supports Linux and Windows
  • Multiple folders and mount points supported
  • Can be hosted on physical or virtual machines, and be on-premise or in the cloud, in data centers, or remote offices

Virtualization & Usability


  • Browse and select by Datastore
  • Parallel restore of individual vDisks per VMware VM
  • Delivers better restore performance and smaller RTO


  • Supports parallel vDisk backup
  • Yields better performance than single-threaded backups



  • Move from anonymous to secure SMTP transmission
  • Increased protection to the latest standards
  • WildFly updated from 20.0.1 to 21.0.2
  • KeyCloak updated from 11.0.3 to 12.04

Installation and Upgrade

  • Installation check prevents CM installation on unsupported platforms
  • Reset of Data Protector application server instance
  • Improved handling of ‘Cancel’ option during upgrade
  • Roll-back plan documented

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