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Business Continuity and Data Recovery for Healthcare Sector

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The healthcare industry around the world is undergoing considerable changes with the emergency situation impacting at worldwide and the pressures, at all levels, to improve patient care while transforming services and controlling costs.

Healthcare agencies and organizations hold a massive amount of information, whether in a database, in a business system or in vast amounts of paper documents and records. Healthcare providers need to transform this information so that they can understand its true value and efficiently manage it and retrieve it when required. Keeping this information available can help them to access it and use it more effectively, as well as they can significantly improve governance and compliance requirements.

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This situation is not a net new situation, it has been evolving during the last decades; from data processing, focus of the sixties and seventies, it was passed to the concept of Information Systems Management which, later, in the 90s, was transformed into the concept of Information Technology. Currently, the no longer emerging concept of “Big Data”, emphasizes the strategic dimension of IT and its contribution to key business processes.

This vision implies a change in the conception of information technology based on its contribution to improving operational effectiveness and efficiency and the quality of services. In the field of Health sector, it is necessary to mention the strategic role of IT in innovation processes both in the generation, dissemination and application of knowledge and in the organization and accessibility of services to the population. But at the same time, reinforces the need to protect in the right way this critical data.

Regardless of whether the company is a healthcare provider, payer, or pharmaceutical company, patient-centricity and improving the overall standard, transparency, and timely access to healthcare is paramount. 

The relevance of the medical data

This movement of the healthcare market towards these new concepts has led to an explosive growth of the data that in one way or another must be stored, protected and, if necessary, located and distributed, to offer the patient the greatest possible effectiveness against their ailment.

At the same time, legislation around the world is driving many healthcare related organizations to implement a robust solutions. For example, the Freedom of Information Act 2000 in the United Kingdom requires an organization to rapidly identify, locate or account for the disposal of records in regards to inquiries and requests for information. In the United States, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires organizations working in healthcare an obligation to implement “reasonably appropriate” protections to secure patient’s PHI (Protected Health Information). Implementing adequate safeguards limits the risk of experiencing a healthcare data breach.

Information security for this data in all healthcare areas is, more than ever, a priority need in the sector, and Micro Focus has the capacity to offer solutions that allow managing the risks that affect health information systems, as well as adapting to current regulations.

Today, tomorrow and the future

Where are you now?

  • Year on year data growth sometimes with multiple storage silos manage independently.
  • Non-efficient processes to protect all relevant data aligned to the data value.
  • Little security functionalities and processes in place to grant data protection and recovery.

Where do you want to be?

  • Centralize management across a distributed backup environment with performance and scalability capabilities to address future market needs.
  • Use of Analytics tools for Backup and Recovery to optimize related processes and increase the performance of backup or restore processes.
  • Advanced security capabilities such as secure peering and in-flight and at-rest encryption to protect backup data

How could you achieve this state of the art?

Micro Focus Data Protector delivers for healthcare providers a business continuity and disaster recovery solution that includes all the required functionalities to take care of all their critical information, no matter the application source or the storage location. Read also Because Security Matters for Data Protector.

  • Data Protector is an enterprise grade backup and disaster recovery solution for large, complex, and heterogeneous IT environments. Built on a scalable architecture, it enables customers to meet their continuity needs reliably and cost-effectively.
  • Advanced reporting capabilities: Administrators can view client backup statistics, licensing, sessions, configurations, schedules, and much more, to effectively monitor, and adjust where needed, the backup environment.
  • Micro Focus Data Protector includes several methods of protecting backup data, such as encrypting backups during storage and while they are being transferred. It also secures its own operations by encrypting commands between backup servers and clients. In addition, and with the release of Data Protector 2020.05, the solution is listed on the NIAP Product Compliant List, as a demonstration about the commitment to provide the highest security standards.


It´s time to adopt and success! It´s time for a Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution for diverse, dynamic, and distributed Healthcare companies.

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