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Data Protector takes on the Cloud (and a whole lot more)

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 For some time now companies have been looking for ways to manage the accelerating growth in data while maintaining flexibility and delivering cost control. Cloud storage is a technology that seems to deliver this along with many other advantages. As the security and stability of cloud grows and the number of public cloud vendors increases, companies feel more assured about running their critical applications in the cloud. (read also "10 Cloud Security Trends That Will Shape 2022 and Beyond - Toolbox")

But, as the use of cloud applications and storage increases so too has the level of threat to this critical data. Online application providers commit to getting the applications back up and running quickly, in the event of any outage or attack, but the restoration of the data is ultimately down to the customer.

Online applications will typically offer some basic backup functionality, but this is often minimal and not likely to meet the real data protection needs of any enterprise company. To ensure robust data backup protection a dedicated software backup and restore solution is needed that will work with the online applications and deliver the level of services necessary to ensure business continuity. Micro Focus Data Protector, a proven and reliable backup solution, that has a strong presence in protecting traditional infrastructure and virtual environments, is introducing technology that will now provide protection for those applications and data running in the cloud.

Introducing Data Protector for Cloud Workloads

Data Protector for Cloud Workloads is Micro Focus’ newest product offering as part of the Data Protector portfolio.  It is technology that extends Data Protector’s backup capabilities to ensure security and protection will be available as IT operations move their applications and data increasingly into cloud and virtualized environments.

Microsoft 365 Online

Adoption of Microsoft 365 and online applications delivers many advantages but the backup capabilities built into these products is limited.  Ensure that your critical application data is securely protected and recoverable. Data Protector for Cloud Workloads provides data backup protection for:

  • Microsoft Exchange Online
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Microsoft Teams

Capabilities will include the ability to restore to cloud or local systems, automatic synchronization of users, quick search and find, on a scalable architecture.

 Extended virtualization

Backup support functionality is integrated with KVM, Nutanix, Oracle VM, Citrix Hypervisor and AWS EC2. These hypervisor integrations will typically enable full and incremental backup, as well as file-level restore, and include many hypervisor specific additional capabilities.

Cloud and Containers                                                                                  

Public cloud storage options have expanded to provide many different offerings allowing selection of one or more cloud  storage providers to meet specific requirements.  Data Protector for Cloud Workloads supports a wide variety of cloud backup targets including Azure Storage, AWS S3, Google Cloud, Cloudian, Ceph, Scality, and Alibaba Cloud, among others. On the client side, backup capabilities include support for Kubernetes, Openstack and Openshift.

More details will be available at the annual Micro Focus Universe event where several sessions will cover the existing and newest capabilities of Data Protector including a roadmap overview and Explore Zone containing many informative assets available to browse through. Register for the Universe event and sign up for the Data Protector sessions here.

More Info

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