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How to Embrace Hybrid Work Without the IT Nightmares

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These days, work can be anywhere. Consider the traveling CEO who needs to access a productivity report but doesn’t have the application installed on her personal laptop. Tough luck.

A sales rep wants to let a client that is so close to buying test drive a product to close the sale but doesn’t have the time or resources to properly configure it for the client’s machine. Sale lost.

A department manager relies on an in-house legacy application that is no longer compatible with the upgraded tools on his system. Sorry.

When users can’t access the tools they need, work can’t happen. They need the proper resources, applications, and software anywhere on any platform.

Give the people the applications they need with the new Micro Focus Hybrid Workspaces.

Okay, maybe not so new. What was formerly known as Micro Focus Desktop Containers and Application Streaming has risen to new heights as Hybrid Workspaces, IT’s solution to quickly bundle Windows applications with virtual “wrappers” so they can run on Windows workstations alongside other applications or on any platform/device with access to the internet. Organizations can utilize Hybrid Workspaces to reduce conflicts, support legacy applications, and empower remote users working with unmanaged devices.

Let’s take a look at what Hybrid Workspaces has to offer:

Everywhere, Consistent Access

The Hybrid Workspaces Application Streaming component allows you to run a remote session on any device or platform using an HTML5 browser. Like magic. This is perfect for workers that are using applications on the go or using the same application while moving between different locations. Easily and securely access data without downloading, emailing, or moving it from its existing location.

Hybrid Workspaces can even open an application session securely in the portal where users can move to other locations and log back into the portal to pick up where they left off, securely running in the background between logins so your work can move with you.

Secured Data, Protected Users

Hybrid Workspaces connects to major cloud storage providers to leverage the investments already made. It also connects applications to network storage, mapping applications to its data without user intervention keeping the data within the secured network environment.

When workers are working remotely, it can be difficult to ensure users are protected and valuable company data is maintained. Hybrid Workspaces Streaming Server can redirect URLs and protocols to a secure package, keeping the user protected from phishing scams or other bad websites or locations that could compromise company data.

Simplifying Running Legacy Apps

Hybrid Workspaces Packaging enables users to run legacy apps with zero issues. This means upgrading to the latest version of an operating system is no problem. Running legacy applications concurrently with the latest version of that app is easier than ever. You can leverage containerized browsers to run legacy applications requiring NPAPI plugins, Java, Flash, and more.

Packaged applications can be streamed to user desktops and launched on clean desktops without administrative privileges, minimizing technician troubleshooting and the mean time to repair. This can be accomplished when desktops can be re-imaged and locked down without sacrificing functionality.

Reduced Costs, Increased Accessibility

Package commercial and in-house applications for remote workers and put unused licenses to work. License creep can be a major cost for organizations. Hybrid Workspaces helps this by allowing you to assign predefined expiration dates to packaged applications used by short-term workers, contractors, interns, or students.

No access to work tools means no work getting done. You can make all the necessary tools available on a flash drive, a secure company website, or streamed through a corporate app store through the packaging of applications. No installation. No configuration. No setup concerns. Just mobility and productivity.

Streamlined Deployment and Testing

IT staff can rapidly test new applications against a clean operating system rather than repeatedly perform the cumbersome task of testing against a combination of existing applications and customizations because Hybrid Workspaces decouples containerized or packaged applications from the operating system. Using packaged applications allows you to slash the costs of testing applications and supporting them after deployment. Additionally, testing beta versions of new applications won’t impact the installed version.

With a single click, Hybrid Workspaces packaging of applications can run directly off a flash drive, website, file share, or Hybrid Workspaces portal with no installation or configuration necessary, saving users time and reducing IT involvement.

Application streaming can deliver applications 5-20 times faster than traditional downloading with predictive intelligence. Now that’s fast AND smart.

Integrations for Cost Saving and Security

Integrate with Micro Focus NetIQ Advanced Authentication Framework (AAF) for increased security through multi-factor authentication. Hybrid Workspaces with AAF evolves your organization’s identity verification strategy for local, remote, and users on the move.  AAF protects and minimizes the growing concern and cost of security vulnerabilities with teleworkers.


Integrate into Micro Focus ZENworks:

As an additional layer of cost-saving and license compliance, you can configure packaged applications with Hybrid Workspaces to check for a ZENworks agent before running on a given machine. Browser redirector automatically launches packaged applications when users visit a specific link in their browser. Coupled with IP blocking, this feature provides a great solution for legacy web applications that require old browsers, NPAPI plug-ins, and Java.


For accommodating highly distributed environ­ments, addressing the needs of many satellite business units, or providing resources to a travel­ing and remote workforce, you can use Hybrid Workspaces to make sure your users have the tools they need, no matter where they are, on any device.

Now go out there and unleash your hybrid workforce with Hybrid Workspaces.


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