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Hybrid Workspaces Technical Training

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Hybrid Workspaces is a docker-type system for applications and more.  Here we relay information about how to setup and configure for different environments you may require.

These applications run independently, can be integrated with storage providers, and deployed locally on Windows devices or streamed from a personal workspace portal.  Behind the scenes, the technology uses RDP connections for streaming.  This allows the system to keep all the data easily accessed inside the corporate network with service provider integrations like OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, and Filr.

On the academic front, there are also integrations with common learning management solutions like Moodle, Blackboard, and Canvas that can be quickly set up so faculty and staff can publish materials through Hybrid Workspaces which will appear in the student’s LMS account profile.

Check out these videos explaining use cases for Hybrid Workspaces:

Hybrid Workspaces Use Cases

Hybrid Workspaces a Day-in-the-Life

Recently we developed a series of new training and troubleshooting videos for the latest Hybrid Workspaces directly from the experts.  They include a walkthrough of the application streaming server, as well as the packager, Turbo Studio, and a second session with troubleshooting Studio examples for diagnosing issues.  Application Streaming Server has a setup and configuration session along with basic troubleshooting steps for issues and what to look out for.  Utilize those troubleshooting steps to the learning management system portion of the product with an additional video about LMS setup, config, and troubleshooting.

Jason Blackett does a walkthrough of the console:

               Hybrid Workspaces Application Server Walkthrough

Oleg Somphane does a deep dive into the different components of Hybrid Workspaces:

               Studio – Overview & Troubleshooting

               Studio – Troubleshooting reviewing logs

               Application Server – Install and Configuration

               Application Server – Troubleshooting

               Application Server – Learning Management System Integration Install, Configuration and Troubleshooting

All of these and more can be found on the OpenText Support and Training Hybrid Workspaces channel along with the documentation site.

Hybrid Workspaces Support and Training Channel

Hybrid Workspaces Documentation

A Bit on Hybrid Workspaces

Hybrid Workspaces allows you to embrace the new work from anywhere model that has become a necessity today. Quickly deploy your core business applications to your users that are now working or learning at home or out of the office, often on unmanaged, personally owned equipment. By leveraging a Windows Remote Desktop Services farm and Hybrid Workspaces you can enable a robust, secure desktop application streaming experience on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Chromebook and other platforms with an HTML5 capable browser all at a fraction of the cost of a VDI installation or other alternatives.


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