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Introducing Hybrid Workspaces v23.6

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It’s that time again. Another release and an even better version of Hybrid Workspaces has arrived.

With Hybrid Workspaces v23.6 you can bring the IT environment to your users. It is a powerful system that allows your users to work from anywhere, even if the application is not installed locally. Your workers can access resources within the network from any location - locally or remotely.  Those resources might include access to secure files or the launching of internal applications, all while maintaining data security with application mapping to network drives or cloud storage. 

The Studio Packager tool can isolate your company applications in a self-contained package and run locally or in their workspace, without conflict. It includes support for legacy applications and empowers remote users working with unmanaged devices. This allows your workers to perform duties with Hybrid Workspaces from anywhere, on any platform.

Take a look at a few of the new features in Hybrid Workspaces v23.6:

Hybrid Workspaces Hub and Application Streaming Server

  • Server Fleets streamline resource management by organizing groups of servers into a single management unit
  • The Portal Dashboard design has been refreshed with a new Home tab that summarizes applications and documents with new visuals
  • The Artificial Intelligence Chat feature allows end-users to talk with AI chatbots such as OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 directly within the workspace interface
  • The License Reservations feature allows licenses to be reserved for specific user groups during a configurable time period
  • Web Applications are now a first-class application type that appears alongside other applications in the portal


Hybrid Workspaces Studio Packaging Tool

  • The Turbo VM has been updated to version 23.6.3
  • Improved User Interface Elements; Filesystem, Registry, and Desktop for ease of use.
  • Added support for Activation Context which is activated with relative paths to the application manifest


Learn more about the new features in Hybrid Workspaces and how you can bring the IT environment to users.

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