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Introducing ZENworks Service Desk v23.3 (8.4.0)

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ZENworks Service Desk is a fast and easy ITIL-based help desk solution for small to medium-sized organizations looking for ITSM service management.

OpenText is proud to release the latest version, Service Desk v23.3. This latest release boasts some new features that enhance the overall Service Desk experience for users and administrators in both the Standard and Advanced ITIL releases.

Security is paramount for organizations and Service Desk is now even more secure. ZENworks Service Desk v23.3 features enhancements to the Login Security capabilities with NetIQ AAF Limited (2 Form Factor Authentication) to help prevent unauthorized logins.

This update also enhances the UI for CMDB Snapshots with Angular coding, allowing for more flexibility with future coding capabilities.

Additionally, many of the features of OpenText products come directly from our customers, the people who use the products every day. These customer suggestions have resulted in improvements to the product including template variabilities, holiday schedules, quick call views, etc.

Find the ZSD v23.3 Upgrade Readme in SLD or the ZSD 23.3 Documentation Deployment section.
To perform the v8.3.x to v23.3 upgrade, open ZSD Administration console and perform the Online Update, then the Product Upgrade.

Top New Features

As mentioned before, security for Service Desk has been further strengthened. This comes from NETIQ AAF Limited Form Factor Authentication for the prevention of unauthorized logins. There has also been a modernization to the ZENworks Service Desk AMIE Snapshots.

Email template variables have been added, allowing for more options to select from. The ZENworks Service Desk Holiday Schedule feature has been updated for easier use. Plus, minor cosmetic adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience and make for a smoother operation.

Upgrading to the latest version has been made even easier with side-by-side migration, so don’t forget to upgrade today!

Top Benefits

ZENworks Service Desk will put security at the forefront of your IT strategy. ZENworks Service Desk 8.4.0 has a higher level of authentication security with the implementation of NetIQ AAF Limited since these Service Desk Helpdesk portals may be public facing.

We have moved the CMD to angular coding, resulting in a more modernized UI that is more compatible with other modern views.

The upgrade path through the Channel will be a side-by-side migration to follow the standard upgrade path for appliances.

Variables have been added to the Email Templates, allowing for more details to be provided in emails about the first and last names of the customer and technician.

The Holiday Schedule feature has been revamped to automatically update each year and adjust for any day changes.

All Quick Calls have been combined into a single view – Quick Calls, Scheduled Quick Calls, and Group Quick Calls.

You asked and we listened. Suggestions from our Idea Exchange have resulted in several new customer ideas to enhance Service Desk, including a Database Cleanup Script, Appliance Admin Console Renate, Appliance Admin Console Database Info, and disabling CC Auto Suggest Remove Mandatory Requirements for Quick Call Estimate Time.


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