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Introducing ZENworks Service Desk v24.1

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ZENworks Service Desk is a fast and easy ITIL-based help desk solution for small to medium-sized organizations looking for ITSM service management.

The newest iteration of ZENworks Service Desk is here! ZENworks Service Desk v24.1 boasts new features and capabilities that take your IT service management to the next level. If you’re already a ZENworks user and haven’t upgraded to the latest version, check out this ZENworks Service Desk v24.1 Upgrade Video. Upgrading to ZENworks Service Desk v24.1 brings a relief in Reporting, functionality, and other areas.

Take a look at the new features that can help improve your IT Service Management:

Technical Upkeep

  • Appliance Side-by-Side Upgrade Process
  • Quarterly Security Updates into Channel
  • Update Security components (Tomcat, JDK, security patches)
  • Upgrade embedded PostgreSQL db to v15.5



  • Expanding the reporting date ranges to include annual reports from the system
  • Using more white space to present the reports in full capacity

Added more comprehensive canned reports for Requests, Knowledge, Technician, KPI, Organization, Report Builder and other reporting components

  • ZSD Reporting Remove Date Restrictions
  • ZSD Reporting Requests “All Processes”
  • ZSD Reporting “KPI: All Requests Summary”
  • ZSD Reporting “Organization: All Processes”
  • ZSD Reporting “Technician: All Requests”
  • ZSD Reporting “Report Builder: All Processes”
  • ZSD Reporting “Knowledge: Articles By Category

Other Enhancements and cosmetic changes

  • Reset SLA when Request Reopened
  • Group Quick Calls displayed in Technician Quick Call & New Request List
  • Item Information - Print Preview includes Description and Notes
  • Note Opened displays the Date/Time and Time Spent information
  • Adding Multifactor Demo video to Getting Started page

Defects worked on in this release

  • Alignment issue on Contract tab
  • Mobile View Request Dynamic form is opened from URL
  • On Quick Call creation Page getting invalid error
  • KBA edit page when custom field invalid character error
  • Request Creation error adding / removing dynamic form
  • Cosmetic Alignment of box/text in dynamic form creation
  • Team Information conform to sorting consistencies
  • Not all Tickets Analysed are linked to Problem Request
  • Technician w/o Problem Process can Edit Problem Group
  • ZSD Reporting accuracy - Knowledge Base
  • And other modifications and defect fixes

Feature Review

Technical Upkeep

  • Side-by-Side Upgrade to v24.1
    • ZSD v24.1 image (SLD)
    • servicedesk-prereq-24.1.0-0.noarch.rpm (SLD)
    • Upgrade: copy VAStorage (disk 2)
    • Install: create VAStorage (disk 2)
  • New ZSD 24.x Channel
    • Must register to the new Online Updates Channel when upgrade completed
  • Upgrade to JDK 11
  • Upgrade to PostgreSQL v15.5
  • Quarterly Security patch for current quarter


Enhancing ZENworks Service Desk Reporting

Changes made in ZSD > Reports

ZENworks Service Desk Trend Date Values

Date Restrictions – New Existing Trend Values




5 to 28 Days

3 Days

15 to 60 Days


5 to 24 Weeks


10 to 52 Weeks


6 to 24 Months


15 to 6 Years


2.5 to 12 Years


5 to 24 years

KPI Duration

730 Days (2 Years)


Interested in the latest features for Service Desk? Upgrade today!

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