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Is Your Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution Enough? [And How to Find Out]

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Whether you’re in the market for a backup, restore, and disaster recovery solution, or you’re evaluating your current one, this Market Compass from KuppingerCole can help you determine which capabilities are most important to help you reach your goals.


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations adopted a hybrid working model where some employees work from the office, while others work from home. Employees love the flexibility of working in a location conducive to their personalities, but IT professionals are being faced with new challenges that come with a hybrid IT service delivery environment.

Understanding the market is a good first step for IT departments in protecting business-critical data with backup, restore, and disaster recovery. Additionally, with so many vendors in the space, it can be difficult to determine worthy solutions for your specific business.

While not all solutions provide the same functionalities, there are some core functionalities you should look for in your solution.

This Market Compass Report from KuppingerCole Analysts covers solutions that provide backup, restore, and disaster recovery of all business-critical data held in IT services into the cloud in the context of the hybrid IT service delivery environment that is now commonly found in medium to large organizations. It provides an assessment of the capabilities of these solutions to meet the backup and disaster recovery needs of organizations with a complex hybrid IT delivery environment.

Report Highlights

We won’t spoil the juicy tidbits within this analyst report, but here is what you can expect:

  • Learn about solutions that provide backup, restore, and disaster recovery of IT service data into the cloud in the context of the hybrid IT service delivery environment
  • See how to ensure the continuity of IT services
  • Discover how to balance the increasing business dependence on IT services through digital transformation and the increasing amount of ransomware with a backup and disaster recovery solution
  • Gain an understanding of the mature market of backup and disaster recovery solutions that support the protection of data in IT services delivered on-premises or in the cloud
  • Receive insight into cloud services and how they are useful to provide longer-term storage for backed-up data and disaster recovery capabilities
  • See the benefits of delivering backup and disaster recovery as a cloud service
  • Identify solutions that cover on-premises workloads, laaS workloads, SaaS data, and disaster recovery
  • Learn how the market is shifting to disaster recovery as a cloud service
  • Utilize a comprehensive evaluation of products evaluated against:
    • Basic capabilities for backup and restore, extended capabilities, data security, compliance support, disaster recovery, SaaS support, IaaS support, and on-premises support

A Little on Data Protector

KuppingerCole says, “Organizations with legacy and hybrid IT protection requirements including Microsoft Office 365 Exchange should include [Data Protector] on their shortlist of products for consideration.”

Micro Focus Data Protector offers backup and recovery for diverse enterprises. It standardizes and consolidates backups across multiple platforms and provides secure, comprehensive backup protection for business-critical data and applications whether virtual, physical, or online in the cloud.

Data Protector is built on a unified and scalable architecture that enables centralized data protection across physical and virtualized environments, disparate operating systems, and critical applications from core data centers to remote sites.

Micro Focus offers Data Protector in two editions: Data Protector Premium, which supports hybrid environments (virtual and physical), and Data Protector Express, which is designed for backup and restore of virtual environments.

Data Protector saves IT administrators’ time and ensures business continuity by providing a disaster recovery process that is built for modern enterprise IT environments. Data Protector allows you to:

  • Quickly recover data and systems after a security breach, such as a ransomware attack
  • Re-establish operations at local offices after a disaster
  • Streamline IT management by using the same solution for backup and disaster recovery
  • Increase efficiency and business agility by recovering data to new systems with dissimilar hardware and hypervisors
  • Improve business continuity by ensuring up-to-date recovery images
  • Simplify disaster recovery using an interactive recovery wizard

Access your free trial of Data Protector.

Data Protector for Cloud Workloads

With an increase in cloud usage, organizations need a way to specifically address cloud-based data backup needs. Micro Focus has recently added the Data Protector for Cloud Workloads extension to the Data Protector family to address these needs specifically. 

In addition to offering backup support for the Microsoft 365 online products including Exchange, SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive for Business, it provides backup support for containers and a wide range of hypervisors. An extensive list of cloud storage providers are selectable as backup targets. The full range of backup capabilities of Data Protector can be accessed through the backup provider connection.

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