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IT Service Provider Manages 10,000 Daily Backup Sessions with Data Protector

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In this success story from one of our customers, read how a full-service IT provider can perform 10,000 daily backups in a high-availability environment so their 250 clients can have guaranteed access to their systems around the clock.

The Company

 FIS-ASP is a full-service IT provider with more than 25 years of experience providing companies with IT needs. They have about 120 employees and three big data centers. These data centers are mirrored and redundant, allowing them to offer a high availability service to their clients so they can meet specific service level agreement (SLA) needs.

The Challenge

In this day, data rules and losing data can result in serious consequences for business. Being able to manage and protect your data is crucial to business success, regardless of industry.

FIS-ASP has over 250 clients with specific, demanding data needs. They help their clients by mapping and managing the data backup requirements to safeguard it against loss and maintain availability.

Most of their clients operate on a SAP or SAP HANA environment, usually with Linux as an operating system, but FIS-ASP can support a variety of other database/ERP systems. (Sybase, DB2, MaxDB, and Oracle)

FIL-ASP oversees 10,000 backup sessions each day. For reference, that’s over three PETAbytes every month.

One of the main challenges they face occurs during online backups. They must provide online backup capabilities, while not negatively affecting the source system, ensuring performance remains at the same level during the backup.

Customers can request data from up to four weeks prior to be restored as part of their SLAs and no data loss is an important measure to ensure they can deliver upon that request.

In a specific incident, FIS-ASP had a client accidentally delete customer bank details from their production system. Normally, this could take quite some time, but this was a time-sensitive matter and they needed to recover that data quickly.

The Solution

The rise in ransomware has made FIS-ASP’s clients more aware of the need for off-site data backup. Not only do clients need their data backed up, but they also need access to it, sometimes with very little notice.

To best serve their clients’ needs, FIS-ASP implemented Micro Focus Data Protector.

Data Protector is an enterprise-grade backup and disaster recovery solution for large, complex, and heterogeneous IT environments. It is built on a scalable architecture combining security and analytics, allowing companies to meet their continuity needs reliably and cost-effectively.

Alexander Förster, a SAP certified technology consultant for FIS-ASP said, “Data Protector is our last line of defense against ransomware. We don’t store backup snapshots on our clients’ systems as those can be corrupted through ransomware, and in addition to a virtual or disc backup we can also execute a tape backup, an additional service we provide at a customer’s request. Tape libraries are old school, but they are a very safe storage medium as they can’t be encrypted through ransomware. It also helps that we run Data Protector on Linux, as most ransomware attacks tend to be aimed at Windows systems.”

The Result

When they were faced with their client accidentally deleting customer bank information, FIS-ASP was able to recover the data in just minutes using Data Protector.

Data Protector has served as a last line of defense for ransomware and data loss for FIS-ASP for years. It has allowed them to offer their clients always-available access to their systems and data, even in the event of accidental deletion.

Additionally, FIS-ASP has found premium support from Micro Focus to be a pivotal piece in maintaining exceptional client service. Premium Support is an offering from Micro Focus that entitles you to a dedicated named support engineer.

In the words of Förster, “After many years of using Data Protector we have amassed a lot of inhouse knowledge, so when we have an issue, it typically needs expert support. Our Micro Focus engineer is intimately familiar with our environment and our Data Protector configuration and can help us resolve issues much faster, give us insight into upcoming new features, and enable us to respond to our clients quickly.”

Micro Focus also hosts frequent Data Protector webinars to keep you up to date on everything Data Protector and Micro Focus so you can be sure your environments are running optimally.

Upcoming sessions:

Data Protector Best Upgrade Practices, Jan. 19 and Jan. 26. More information

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Protect Your Data, Protect Your Business

Data Protector provides predictive backup and recovery across hybrid IT environments and can benefit your company in many ways. Other potential improvements you could see with Data Protector include a reduction in storage capacity, reduction in time to backup and recover data, a reduction in data center downtime for backup, improvement in recover time objective commitments, reduction in time spent on backup administration, and a decrease in instances of storage media shortage.

Learn how you can back up your data to be ready for anything.

Read full customer story here.

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