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Maximize Your Data Security: Elevate Your Data Protection Strategies Today

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 The two new releases Data Protector 11.03 and Data Protector for Cloud Workloads 5.2 introduce many new features that support you in your daily work in a backup environment and enable you to enhance your backup environment into new areas.

Data Protector 11.03 adds low-bandwidth replication to the Data Protector Deduplication (DPD) store. This provides you with the ability to replicate backups to a second location, which can be another data center or the cloud. Read also "Back to the future -- how the Backup Deduplication Process works". The big advantage is that only blocks that are not already stored on the second site are replicated. This minimizes the required bandwidth and thus saves costs for the infrastructure. With the already existing features like Cloud Support, Encryption, Immutability, VMware Power-On and VMware Live-Migration etc. the DPD Store now offers the opportunity to use it in all areas of a backup environment. Replication includes support for the Automated Replication Synchronization (ARS) feature to automatically import backups into a second Disaster Data Protector cell.

The new HANA Agent introduced with 11.01 now offers support for a restore to another system (System Copy) with version 11.03. A HANA migration tool helps to move Data Protector versions 11.00 or older to newer Data Protector versions. See also white paper "How to Protect SAP HANA Applications".

Data Protector Role Based Access Control (RBAC) has been enriched with additional features (role deletion and login options).

Data Protector 11.03 supports vSphere 8.0 including VDDK 8.0 and lays the foundation for the new Granular File Recovery, which will move to the Data Protector Web UI.

An overview of the features mentioned and all the other new features in Data Protector 11.03:

  • Data Protector Deduplication Low-Bandwidth Replication
  • Automated Replication Synchronization with DPD
  • Object Copy to the Cloud with DPD
  • SAP HANA System Copy and Migration Tool
  • Easy LDAP configuration via Data Protector Web UI
  • RBAC Enhancements
  • Global configuration of Default Protection Time Settings
  • Mongo DB x509 login and Mongo DB incremental backups
  • Web UI customizations
  • vSphere 8.0 with VDDK 8.0
  • Many more new certifications
    (please have a look at the current support matrix)

Data Protector for Cloud Workloads 5.2 takes another big step into the cloud and now supports Azure Cloud (Azure Stack HCI) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

In an OpenShift environment, DP4CW 5.2 now supports the "OpenShift API for Data Protection" (OADP), providing even better integration with container environments.

The DP4CW M365 integration provides now support for the new Teams API and offers download of contacts and calendars in the form of vCard and iCalc.

An overview of the above features and all other new features in Data Protector 11.03:

  • Azure Cloud and Azure Stack HCI
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Restore of individual virtual disks (KVM, Virtuozzo, Huawei FusionCompute)
  • "OpenShift API for Data Protection" (OADP)
  • UI customizations
  • Security Enhancements
  • OpenStack incremental backups
  • M365 download contacts and calendar in vCard and iCalc format

And finally, a look at the Data Protector UI, which now enables Data Protector and Data Protector for Cloud workloads to be administered from one console.

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