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MFDC v21.11 Released Check out the Latest Enhancements

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The Micro Focus Desktop Containers team has released MFDC v21.11.  Not just Packaging Applications into Containers but utilize the streaming capabilities to provide your users - any packaged app, anywhere, on any platform. 

Provide your users with streaming the application integrated with your corporate Network and Storage Providers keeping access easy, secure and leaving the data where it's supposed to be.  Develop virtual application packaging for virtual use locally, remotely and through a web browser.

To access this latest release download it from your Micro Focus Customer Portal.

MFDC v21.11 Application Server and Streaming provides ways to secure the data and devices, yet provides access anywhere:

  • IP Access Rules feature allows access control to Workspace applications based on IP addresses and countries.
  • Hub CDN Feature allows Turbo images to be delivered from a configurable content delivery network (CDN).
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) security for Administrators logging into the Administration site.
  • Repository Listings in Server administration and Workspace administration sites has been improved significantly.
  • Repository Import now imports images in descending release order, instead of upload time. A new Release input allows specifying the release to be imported.
  • Repository Deletion now deletes all associated images from the Hub image cache.
  • OpenID Connect replaces Azure AD Single Sign-On with an automatic migration method.
  • Hub Optimization now shows an error before running if there is not enough disk space to perform the operation.
  • Server Diagnostics Display provides added details on the server start time, up time, and pending Windows updates.
  • New Preemptive Authentication Setting can be disabled to hide the HTML5 client credentials dialog when using Ask for Credentials authentication, instead displaying the native Windows login screen.
  • New Streaming Setting Page Reset Button resets application server group policies to their Turbo Server default values.
  • Improved Broker Active Sessions resource allocation strategy when applications are launched in rapid succession.

MFDC v21.11 Application Packaging continues to provide ease of use through customizations and added performance:

  • Startup Performance has been improved
  • Editor Panel Item Deletes via the delete key
  • Configuration Backup Notifications after a failed save attempt
  • Debugger Workspace Saving (open tabs and documents) is now allowed between Debugger sessions
  • Keyboard Shortcuts have been added to the Debugger Tool for ease of opening session logs (Ctrl+O), close the current tab (Ctrl+F4), and refresh the view (F5)
  • Debugger Lookup Flags and Compare Tool allows for window customizations
  • Debugger Log filters now include calls to LdrUnloadDll and NtCreateFile/NtOpenFile for DLL and EXE files
  • Mozilla Firefox 64-bit Support (and other Mozilla variants)

Download the latest version to get these new features added to MFDC Application Streaming and Packaging version 21.11 from your SLD Portal.
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