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ZENworks Service Desk v23.4 New Release - Productivity is in the Details!

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Here at OpenText, we believe that productivity is in the details. The latest release of ZENworks Service Desk, v23.4 is chalked full of new details and features to enhance your users’ productivity and improve your IT Service Management processes for customer self-help and faster call resolution.

OpenText Service Desk is an ITIL-based service desk solution that integrates with Unified Endpoint Management. It improves employee satisfaction, decreases costs, and improves IT efficiency with IT Service Management.

Let’s look at some of the main themes in ZENworks Service Desk v23.4:

  • Dynamic Form Redesign
  • Request Description Expands
  • Modernization of Outages component
  • Streamlined ZENworks AMIE Import Default State

View the new features in ZENworks Service Desk on the OpenText Support and Training channel

Here’s the list of ZENworks Service Desk v23.4 features, enhancements, and cosmetic changes:


  • Update to 23.4 manually through the In-Place upgrade method
  • Security Updates and patches
  • Tech Upkeep
    • Tomcat upgrade
    • JDK upgrade


  • Return Priority Manual Setting for Requests
  • Priority Settings in customer portal
  • Dynamic Form Redesign
  • Dynamic Form URL make live link
  • Custom Form http live links
  • Outages List Modernization
  • Outages Details Modernization
  • Technician Portal Requests Description field pop out/resizable
                   (similar to Notes field Collapse/Expand)
  • AMIE Import modify default State
  • Change Item after Request is closed
  • Adding Note with UNKNOWN Item prompts for save draft

Cosmetic Changes

  • Request Description Placeholder Text Change
  • Force Search Label Change (to Proposed Solution Search)
  • User Sources > Groups > "Import Groups" Rename to "Import Store Item Groups"
  • ToolTip Text Change - public to Public
  • Login Sidebar Outages and Alerts change to Red when Greater than 1

Update to ZSD v23.4

Install ZSD v23.4

Must be registered in the ZSD v8.3 channel for Online Updates

  1. Log into the Appliance Administration Console (9443)
  2. Select Online Update Tile
    1. If not registered find the Registration Key on SLD
  3. Select Install Now
  4. Once completed the appliance portal home page will highlight a reboot is needed.
  5. After Reboot, Open the Technician Portal
  6. Wait for the upgrade to complete. (see screenshot below)
  7. Select Close, and the Technicians can log into ZENworks Service Desk v23.4.


A Bit on Service Desk

OpenText ZENworks Service Desk reduces your mean time to repair (MTTR) and continuously improves your service management environment by streamlining and automating a complete range of service desk functions. It follows IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes, helping you to enact industry-acknowledged best practices. Service Desk's integrated service management tool allows you to solve, submit, track, and manage requests via email, smartphone, or a convenient customer portal.

Want to compare your version to the new Service Desk v23.4? Check out this version comparison chart to determine if upgrading to Service Desk 23.4 is right for you.


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