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Retain 4.11 Now Released!

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 As the Product Manager for Retain, I am excited to announce the release of Retain 4.11! This release is now live and should be available for download in the customer center.

This release contains some exciting new enhancements that help make Retain more efficient and easier to use than ever.

For the core of Retain, we’ve upgraded the high-performance search engine to SOLR 8. In addition to giving you improved search performance and defect fixes, it will also allow for email searching using the ‘@’ symbol.

For large jobs, the new Multi-Worker jobs allow an administrator to create a worker group, and assign various workers to it. When an archive job is assigned to this group, all workers in the group handle the job at the same time for much greater archival speeds. This also helps especially with Microsoft Office 365 jobs to help avoid throttling that can result from a constant large and long data collection.

This release will also address a switch from basic authentication, which is being discontinued by Microsoft, to OAuth and GraphAPI. While we’ve had these options in the past, we’ve done some work to make the move easier. To make sure that your jobs continue to run smoothly without interruption, Office 365 customers will not want to wait to get this upgrade as soon as possible. A nice secondary benefit is that you will no longer need worry about duplicate email addresses resulting from the previous method of user retrieval.

Another long awaited feature extension is the PST Export mailbox segregation. Administrators can export archived mail and search results directly to a PST file which can now allow export by mailbox instead of intermingling the selection all together in one set of files.

We encourage all customers to upgrade to the latest version for the latest updates and fixes. If you are having issues downloading the latest version, please open an SR with our support team or post on the community forums so we can help and address the problem.

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