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Seamless Transition: Introducing 'Portfolio' as the Next Evolution of IM&G for Product Continuity

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You may have noticed some changes around here lately. While things may look a bit different, the same products you have come to rely on are still powering organizations to manage and govern their information.

In today’s rapid-paced business landscape, the management and governance of your organization’s information has never been more vital for success. When an acquisition happens, like that of OpenText acquiring Micro Focus, you may be wondering how it affects the products you use every day. Don’t worry, we want to reiterate that the fundamental nature and caliber of these products remain intact, if not even better, in this new era of collaboration.

The acquisition of Micro Focus by OpenText elevates and amplifies what these products do and how they help organizations gain strategic insight from their data.

There are some major benefits that heritage Micro Focus customers will see with the acquisition:

  • A perfect match: OpenText has a comprehensive group of products that complement the former Micro Focus IM&G products extremely well. This enables organizations with OpenText or formerly Micro Focus to benefit from the knowledge, expertise, and comprehensive product list of two major platforms in the market. Access to a broader range of solutions means as your needs change and evolve, we’ve got you covered.
  • Worldwide footprint: Both OpenText and Micro Focus are global players in the space of information management and governance. With the acquisition, the reach is even further extended, so no matter where your organization is, OpenText can help you meet your information management needs. Plus, with the large, combined workforce powering the products from OpenText, you get access to some of the best and brightest minds in the world to help you solve your unique business problems.
  • Rapid improvements and innovation: Micro Focus was always committed to staying at the forefront of information management and governance. Now, OpenText is even more committed and better equipped to deliver the latest innovations and vital features to meet your needs. Expect faster innovation, higher quality products, and an even stronger commitment to helping organizations that put their trust in OpenText information management and governance solutions.

While some of the names of products or product groups are different, the dedication and innovation of the people and products at OpenText with the former Micro Focus remain and are even better than ever. The core guiding principles have made these products imperative to your organization, while OpenText’s resources and expansive expertise pave the way for exciting new possibilities and innovations. The future is bright for the products you’ve been using for years.

 You’ve counted on Micro Focus information management and governance products for years. Now, expect even more with OpenText Portfolio solutions. Here’s a taste of what Portfolio solutions can provide your organization:

OpenText has the core information manage­ment and governance solutions every busi­ness needs to manage, protect, and secure their data, while enabling effective collabora­tion from anywhere, on any device.

Unified Endpoint Management

Need an alternative to your current enterprise endpoint management system? Our solu­tions provide traditional and modern device management to protect, secure, and manage your Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux endpoint devices.

OpenTextTm ZENworks Suite enables you to manage thousands of devices and applica­tions, assets, and an unending list of software patches, allowing you to keep up with the con­stantly changing, new requests every day.

This is your complete platform of products that combines the tools you need to manage, se­cure, and protect your endpoint environment and data from a single place.

Data Backup and Resiliency

Unable to use your current data protection software? OpenTextTm Data Protector and OpenTextTm Data Protector for Cloud Workloads deliver backup and disaster recovery for physical, vir­tual, cloud, and container environments.

Data protection products from OpenText can help you ensure your organization will have se­cure, compliant backups of all company data from a single management point. A fast resto­ration ensures operations quickly return to nor­mal, minimizing revenue loss and maintaining reputation.

Email, Social, and Team Collaboration

Our collabo­ration solutions bring people, projects, and processes together in one secure place to enhance team and employee productivity.

You can help your business teams work to­gether securely and seamlessly, regardless of location. OpenText Email, Social, and Team Collaboration solutions provide a single, in­tegrated software ecosystem that offers ev­erything your teams need to stay connected.

Enterprise File Sync and Share

OpenTextTm Filr will al­low you to remotely access and share, inter­nally or externally, your existing on-premises file storage from a browser, desktop, or mobile app. No cloud. No duplication. No additional security overhead. Only better collaboration.

Enterprise file sharing requires high levels of security, accountability, thorough controls, and other features that empower IT to protect the enterprise. OpenText provides an approach that offers true enterprise file sharing, real-time collaborative co-editing, secure mobile ac­cess, and more.

Portfolio solutions enable flexible, smarter, more collaborative work environments while maintaining data security, governance and regulatory compliance whether virtual, physical or off-cloud. 

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