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Six Warning Signs Your IT Environment Needs Help Now

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IT environments are like living, breathing entities. They require continual maintenance and care for optimal growth and success. However, as we increase our device count as new people are hired, people use more devices, and business needs increase in complexity, managing all the endpoints can become tricky.

How’s your IT environment? Do you feel like you can manage all your endpoints manually? How sustainable is that as your business grows?

Considering these questions can be overwhelming and it can be challenging to know when to start considering alternatives. If you have any of these common problems, read on how ZENworks can simplify your IT operations while boosting your efficiency:

1.    You Have Too Many Different Tools

 Are you finding yourself logging into way too many different systems to get your daily tasks done, curbing your efficiency? If so, you may want to consider ZENworks.

ZENworks allows you to perform your IT functions for controlling your endpoints from a single console. Log in once and get your job done. With a unified endpoint management solution in place, you can control all your policies for applications, configurations, patches, and more from a single place.

2.    You Manage Too Many Devices

Good thing we all do our work tasks from one device, huh? Wait… No one does. Managing all these devices can be overwhelming and without the proper tools in place, impossible.

ZENworks simplifies device management by allowing for user-based management. For instance, changes in users’ profiles follow them to their devices. ZENworks allows you to get a handle on all these devices so even endpoints on the very end don’t slip through the cracks and you're prepared for ransomware.

3.    You Are Spending Too Much Money

 Software à la carte is expensive. Rather, software should be treated like a buffet. You should be able to get whatever you want (unified endpoint management) in one place (ZENworks). If your investments in technology are costing you rather than saving you time, money, or effort, it may be time to reconsider your strategy.

With disparate systems to perform daily functions, you create inefficiencies in expenditure and productivity. ZENworks allows you to manage your endpoints from one platform: unifying IT device management, while saving you money and time in the long run.

4.    You Have Weak Auditing

 The ability to audit changes is necessary in managing endpoints, especially in organizations in highly regulated industries.

ZENworks allows you to track changes made in the management console, remote management operations, and files written to removable devices. If your current configuration and protection solution isn’t helping you audit changes, you may want to consider the inefficiencies it’s creating.

5.    You Have No External Professional Support

Security and endpoint management are big tasks, but even bigger when they fail. Wouldn’t you want such important tasks to be backed by additional smart minds?

With ZENworks, you can rest knowing your IT environment is managed by a product from a company with years of experience in the industry. Micro Focus security products have been rated five stars by SC Magazine and have some of the best minds in the business continually optimizing ZENworks to be the most comprehensive unified endpoint management solution.

6.    You Find Yourself ‘Endpoint Micromanaging’

IT professionals understand the pickle of having to manage every endpoint but simply not having the time or resources to do so. Then, endpoints go unmanaged. Then, data is gets lost. Then, the company suffers. Then, no one is happy.

ZENworks allows you to automate software version lifecycles across devices with no user input required, from anywhere, so you can manage devices on the other side of your environment. Policies then dictate who can start remote sessions and under what circumstances, so your environment is always under your control, even without being in your direct line of site.

The ZENworks Suite

The Micro Focus ZENworks Suite contains a group of products that come together to effectively manage your IT environment remotely from a single console. You can learn more about the products that make up the suite:

ZENworks works for you, allowing you to manage your endpoints and give your users access to the data they need to get their jobs done, all at a lower cost than if you were to purchase these types of products separately.

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