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The Top 5 Reasons Micro Focus Customers Love ZENworks

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For the past 20 years, ZENworks has been the Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) software of choice for thousands of businesses around the world.

I recently interviewed ZENworks customers to learn what they love most about this UEM product. Here are 5 things I learned:

1. ZENworks Offers Amazing Functionality with Low TCO

As I interviewed ZENworks customers, each of them talked about the wide range of functionality that ZENworks offers. “It’s a huge tool chest,” one IT manager told me. “It’s like an IT team in a box.”

Because of that functionality, multiple customers mentioned the ability to run IT operations with a smaller staff, simply because ZENworks helps them be so productive.

2. Scripting—ZENworks Works With and Without

One thing that Micro Focus customers love about ZENworks is that it works both with and without scripting. One systems engineer we talked to loved the fact that he can do anything with the ZENworks UI or with scripting.

This flexibility to use the built-in UI or to design and implement custom scripts is part of what makes ZENworks a favorite UEMP solution for so many.

3. Save Time and Effort

The effects of COVID-19 have trickled down to every part of today’s organizations. With work from home rapidly becoming the norm, IT administrators are put under more pressure than ever to get users the applications and updates they need when they need them.

One Micro Focus ZENworks customer told me a story about the first few weeks of the COVID pandemic. This IT manager received word that all the company’s 50 employees would be working remotely within a week. With ZENworks Configuration Management, Asset Management, and Desktop Containers, the manager was able to automate delivery of the large applications the employees would need to new, remote workstations. When employees came to work the next Monday, they received their new mobile workstations and went home to begin working.

4. Grows with Your Business

With a single management console within ZENworks, our customers can add the features that they need to manage use cases, edge cases, and everything in between.

In my interviews, I found that ZENworks customers are constantly working to meet the changing demands of their jobs. That might mean adding extra levels of encryption and security with ZENworks Endpoint Security Management or keeping better track of incidents and service tickets through Service Desk.

Whatever the need, ZENworks works great with add-on services—and our customers love that.

5. Strong Legacy of Performance

Micro Focus ZENworks has a long history, going back to the early days of networking software in the 1990s. As I spoke with customers, that legacy is part of what’s kept them using ZENworks today—20 years later for some customers. Users love that they’ve been able to roll out the latest version of ZENworks and enjoy modern UEMP solutions and functionality without having to rip and replace their current system.

With ZENworks 2020, that legacy of performance continues with new features like ZENworks Service Desk—an IT service management platform that makes it easy for your users to submit tickets and application requests within ZENworks.

Visit the Micro Focus ZENworks portfolio page to learn about all the ways that this UEMP solution is helping our customers.


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