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What’s new in OpenText Data Protector 24.2

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OpenText Data Protector serves as a robust and user-friendly tool for backup and recovery within organizations. It safeguards your digital resources from hardware malfunctions, internal risks, and cyber threats. OpenText regularly updates Data Protector every quarter to offer improved protection against unforeseen mishaps and malicious attacks. The latest version, Data Protector 24.2 (released in late May 2024), introduces extra cybersecurity and resilience features, enhances user experience in various aspects, and upgrades existing features.

Summary of what is new in Data Protector 24.2.

With Data Protector 24.2 we are adding ransomware endpoint protection integration with WebRoot by OpenText. Users can integrate both Data Protector and Webroot to increase cyber protection of IT infrastructure. The previously introduced anomaly detection is now extended to also cover incremental backups for increased peace of mind. Encryption software like OpenSSL and JAVA are upgraded to the latest more secure versions. New user experience features are OpenText Documentum integration including MS SQL Server support. OpenLDAP and NetIQ eDirectory server configuration have now moved to the Web user interface. Many new reports have been added to enhance the insights into DP usage data. VMWare vDisk selection is added to be able to select disks manually, like exclude the first disk that is the boot disk.

Enhanced cyber security and enhanced cyber resiliency in Data Protector 24.2.

WebRoot Endpoint protection integrated with Data Protector

Why is Endpoint Protection important?

Enterprises, regardless of their size, are perpetually at risk. Given the increasing rate and magnitude of attacks, it's more crucial than ever to halt malware, ransomware, phishing, and other harmful assaults targeting your users and systems.

Webroot Endpoint Protection addresses these issues by providing a top-rated management console that offers extensive protection, enhancing an organization's cyber resilience approach. By leveraging the capabilities of cloud computing and real-time machine learning, Webroot persistently observes and adjusts endpoint defenses.

Data Protector 24.2 integrates with the cloud instance of WebRoot to provide admin data and to schedule tasks that verify if malware was detected by WebRoot before backup of a user machine. The WebRoot malware changes are going on periodically.

Webroot access data and action setup

Endpoint ransomware status is being reported in the Data Protector log.

Data Protector Malware report

Enhanced anomaly detection

In Data Protector 24.1 we introduced AI based anomaly detection for enhanced cyber security. In Data Protector 24.2 we are extending anomaly detection to incremental backups.

Security updates

OpenText is putting high emphasis on cyber security on all levels. Data Protector 24.2 comes with upgraded OpenSSL 3.0 encryption and upgraded JAVA for an always secure environment.

User experience enhancements in Data Protector 24.2

Data Protector for Documentum enhancements

OpenText Documentum is a world class content management system used by many organizations globally. Recently we introduced fully integrated backup and recovery for Documentum using the Oracle database. With Data Protector 24.2 we are introducing support for Microsoft SQL Server in conjunction with Documentum. All the backup and restore workflows remain the same.

Documentum with SQL Server backup configuration

For Documentum using Oracle we now support Oracle 21c on RHEL 8.

Enhanced monitoring and session views

Maintaining a comprehensive view of both ongoing and completed backup activities is crucial. This could involve navigating through thousands of entries that have built up over time for some users. It's also vital to monitor real-time activities. During a backup session, you might need to locate key information such as error or warning messages, or verify the posting of a status message.

In this update, we've the Monitoring and Sessions overview by integrating it into the Web GUI. This allows for handling of large-scale information and facilitates a seamless workflow from Monitoring to Sessions view. The filtering capabilities are enhanced. Filter results now show objects that are part of a session. And multiple backup specs can be added to filtering. Backup retention time can be modified right from the Web UI. These enhancement will assist administrators in managing complexity and optimizing compliance.

Search using date and time ranges

Web GUI with OpenLDAP and NetIQ eDirectory configuration

Admins can now use the WEB GUI to configure OpenLDAP and NetIQ eDirectory.

Enhanced reporting in Data Protector 24.2

Seven new admin reports have been added in Data Protector 24.2:

  • Backup Anomalies Report.
  • Recovery Time Objective.
  • Configured Devices not used.
  • Transfer rate per backup spec.
  • Media Expiration Summary.
  • Object copy transfer rate.
  • Objects without protection.

Backup Anomalies Report

Transfer Rate per Backup Specification

Configured Devices not used Report

Object Copy Transfer Rate Report

Automatic VMWare vDisk selection

User have expressed the need for being able to automatically select/deselect certain vDisk from VMware backups.
Typical use cases mentioned were:

  • „I want to skip backup for the first vDisk since that's the boot drive“
  • „I want to protect vDisks #x and #y of my selected VM's“

With this release DP offers exactly that by making use of VMware custom attributes.

The 3 major benefits are:

  • Individual selection/de-selection of disks, instated as standard, with override option.
  • No recreation of existing backup specs.
  • No „explosive growth“ of the backup spec file entries with many include/exclude parameters.

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