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Why You Shouldn't Use Microsoft 365 for Your Data Backup in 2022

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Microsoft is an organizational staple and odds are, you’ve used their products before. Microsoft online services are attractive offerings for many companies and as its roll-out builds, it is important to ensure its use is protected and backed up just as other applications and data across the company are.

Microsoft works to ensure the availability of its Microsoft 365 services, but each individual company using the products is responsible for the backup and protection of its data. In fact, if your organization doesn’t have a dependable data protection solution in place, your company could face:

  • Accidental deletion or overwriting of data
  • Malicious data deletion or corruption from internal or external sources
  • Recovery difficulties from malware or ransomware attacks
  • Cloud infrastructure outages
  • Expired licenses resulting in lost data.

If you’re relying on features within Microsoft 365 for your data backup, you have limited access to your own data. Capabilities like Office 365 Data Replication and the Recycle Bin are meant for limited, short-term data loss recovery and aren’t meant to serve as a comprehensive backup for data.

You need a comprehensive solution that fills in the gaps. Where Microsoft’s backup capabilities lapse is where your backup solution should excel.

You may be asking how you can fill in the gaps so you can ensure your data is protected. Glad you asked. Here’s how you can fill in the gaps for your Microsoft data:

How Data Protector Fills the Gaps

Micro Focus Data Protector is an enterprise-class, highly scalable backup and recovery software solution. Its deep integration with hardware storage providers provides a single backup and recovery solution for simple or complex hybrid IT environments. It provides complete protection for unstructured data, mission-critical applications, operating systems, and virtual environments.

Protect Against Unintentional Deletion

Automatic synchronization of new users into backup policies ensures data protection when any user changes occur. Store backups on local file systems or using Azure Blob Storage.

Quick search and find can be applied for any file in Office 365, and instant restore can be performed in OneDrive files, Exchange Online mailboxes, contacts, and calendars, Exchange archive mailboxes, and SharePoint items. Protect your Microsoft data from soft and hard deletes so you never lose important data.

Safeguard Against Security Threats

Both internal and external threats are looming around seemingly every corner regarding your corporate data. Hackers, viruses, ransomware, and even malicious internal users can be detrimental to unprotected data.

Data Protector provides application-aware automated snapshot management. IT staff could set snapshots on an hourly basis, minimizing the amount of data loss if disaster strikes. Additionally, tape backup provides security from ransomware and other attacks by backing up data onto a media type that is isolated from the regular system environment, preventing malicious code from infecting the systems and data.

Ensure Legal and Regulatory Compliance

 When your organization faces legal action, you could be faced with the task of retrieving data of any kind and of any age. There are regulations in every industry that must be met, and it is important to show that business processes and data management are meeting those regulations. Performing audits and verifying compliance can be time and resource-consuming.

In addition to meeting the strictest security certifications such as Common Criteria, Data Protector produces logs and reports that help meet audit requests and demonstrate quickly and clearly how your data is being protected.

Can Data Protector Help Your Organization?


KuppingerCole says, “Organizations with legacy and hybrid IT protection requirements including Microsoft Office 365 Exchange should include [Data Protector] on their shortlist of products for consideration.”

Micro Focus Data Protector offers backup and recovery for diverse enterprises. It standardizes and consolidates backups across multiple platforms and provides secure, comprehensive backup protection for business-critical data and applications whether virtual, physical, or online in the cloud.

Data Protector is built on a unified and scalable architecture that enables centralized data protection across physical and virtualized environments, disparate operating systems, and critical applications from core data centers to remote sites.

Micro Focus has two data protection offerings to meet all your backup needs: Data Protector Premium supports hybrid and more traditional infrastructure environments and has many built-in advanced capabilities. For more modern workloads, Data Protector for Cloud Workloads offers extensive backup functionality for Microsoft 365 Online products, as well as extensive hypervisor and container backup and support for a wide range of cloud storage targets.

Data Protector saves IT administrators’ time and ensures business continuity by providing a disaster recovery process that is built for modern enterprise IT environments. Data Protector allows you to:

  • Quickly recover data and systems after a security breach, such as a ransomware attack
  • Re-establish operations at local offices after a disaster
  • Streamline IT management by using the same solution for backup and disaster recovery
  • Increase efficiency and business agility by recovering data to new systems with dissimilar hardware and hypervisors
  • Improve business continuity by ensuring up-to-date recovery images
  • Simplify disaster recovery using an interactive recovery wizard

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Data Protector for Cloud Workloads

With an increase in cloud usage, organizations need a way to specifically address cloud-based data backup needs. Micro Focus has recently added the Data Protector for Cloud Workloads extension to the Data Protector family to address these needs specifically. 

In addition to offering backup support for the Microsoft 365 online products including Exchange, SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive for Business, it provides backup support for containers and a wide range of hypervisors. An extensive list of cloud storage providers are selectable as backup targets. The full range of backup capabilities of Data Protector can be accessed through the backup provider connection.

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