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ZENcast Live! Upcoming Schedule and On-Demand ZENcast Library

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Welcome to the ZENcast Live!
Session Schedule and On-Demand Library 

What is ZENcast Live! - It is a dedicated semi-monthly live chat with the ZENworks community about anything ZENworks.
1st & 3rd Tuesday 9am MDT.

  • Download this Calendar appointments (.ics files) for ZENcast Live! on the First and Third Tuesday of the Month until the end of 2024.
    Found at the bottom of the page as a .zip.  (Researching how to attach more than one file to this page)

Here we announce the latest versions and activities on each of the ZENworks Products.  We'll announce other items like latest updates, new community posts, active TIDs, webinars, conferences, other news and demonstrations that you will find beneficial in managing your environment.

You can find the ZENcast upcoming calendar of events for the next couple months and links to ALL past recordings ZENcasts topics below. 
We do our best to have guests that will give informative and technical view into the topic of the day, however if you have other questions off topic are encouraged also.  We want to make this an extension of the ZENworks forum.
Contact us 
zen@opentext.com .

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ZENworks 2024 Monthly Webinars

Register Here Every 3rd Thursday each month 0900 NA !
Webinar recordings in the table below.

See the complete list of ZENcast Live! playlist recordings at the OpenText Support and Training under Endpoint Management.

Check the legacy ZENworks Webinars Index for a comprehensive list of past but relevant webinars.

Access to the different ZENworks Community Pages for all ZCM Portfolio Products.

ZENcast May 2024

  • 21st - Hybrid Workspaces Use Cases
    Examining how Hybrid Workspaces can bring your IT to your users by leveraging your existing infrastructure.

ZENcast June 2024

  • 4th - More ZENworks Bundles
    More details about bundles and creating specific types
  • 18th - ZENworks Service Desk Portal Management
    Managing the Technician and Customer Portal for optimum efficiency-Dashboard Widgets, Request Lists, Customer views, etc.

ZENcast July 2024

  • 2nd - ZCM / ZSD Integration
    Deliver more to your users by integrating ZCM with ZSD - AMIE Import, Store Resources, Asset Management, Remote Control and Bundle management in the ZSD Console 

Check out the OpenText Support and Training YouTube channel to see these and all the OpenText Product videos.

*The guests and topics are subject to change.  

The following are quick links to the previous ZENcast Live! sessions with most recent at the top:

Topic Related Product/Home Demo/Discussion Other Info
ZSD 24.2 What's New & Customization and Branding ZSD examine the ZSD v24.2 Install, What's New and Portal Branding techniques Demonstrations for Installing v24.2 & Demos  on Branding the Portals
Locating ZENworks Resources ZCM,ZSD Locating all the different locations for ZENworks resources.
ZCM Bundle Creations ZCM Building bundles of different types to deliver desktop applications. Demonstration by Guest Craig Wilson - Backline Support Eng
Preboot Services - Windows Deployment ZCM Understanding Imaging Preboot services and deploying a Windows OS UEM Webinar-March
(No link available yet)
ZCM Anti-Malware ZCM Follow along while Darrin VandenBos gives us the latest on ZCM Anti-Malware capabilities in ZENworks Demonstration by Guest Darrin VandenBos - Product Manager
ZCM Logging Information ZCM Search on logs throughout the system to help investigate your issues and the best logs to send Support. ZCM Master Logging TID
ZSD Logging Information ZSD Understand the logging to help investigate your issues and the best logs to send Support. ZSD Customization Cookbook
ZENworks Roadmap and Futures in 2024 UEM Webinar UEM Webinar-February
Guest: Vikram Goyal - PM ZCM
ZCM Localization ZCM Let's discuss the different ways to localize the products with browser and in product settings
2024 and ZENworks Futures ZCM, ZSD Discussing the ZENworks Futures in the upcoming year.
ZENworks Windows Deployment and Preboot Services UEM Webinar UEM Webinar-January
Ron Van Herk
ZPM Deadline - How to upgrade to the Advanced Patch feed ZCM ZPM Advanced patch feed-what is it and how to get there Demonstration on the upgrade
Hybrid Workspaces Overview HW Discussing the advantages of Hybrid Workspaces UEM Webinar-November
Guest: Paul Pedron-HW PM
ZCM 23.3 Upgrade ZCM Upgrade to ZCM version 23.3
What's New ZCM v23.4 & Management of Mac Devices ZCM Get a view into ZCM v23.3 UEM Webinar-October
Guest: Vikram Goyal - PM ZCM
ZSD (Recording Link to come soon) UEM Webinar-September
(No link available yet)
ZENworks and MultiFactor Authentication ZCM, ZSD Discussion: 2 Form Factor Authentication using NetIQ AAF with ZCM and ZSD AA w ZCM & ZSD Demonstration
ZSD Best Practices ZSD ZENworks Service Desk Best Practices and Privileges UEM Webinar-August

ZSD v23.3 Upgrade and OpenText ZSD Versioning ZSD Understanding OpenText ZSD Versioning ZSD v23.3 Upgrade Demonstration
ZCM Design ZCM Detailing about designing the ZCM Zone from Database to Replication UEM Webinar-July
(No link available yet)
ZENworks Service Desk Best Practices ZSD Investigating Best Practices and diving into Permissions UEM Webinar-June

ZSD What's New in v23.3 ZSD Walk Through the ZSD Features
ZCM U3 Windows Primary Upgrade ZCM ZENworks ZCM 2020 Upgrade 3 Primary Upgrade Demonstration ZENcast Presentation
Webinar:ZCM Architecture Deep Dive ZCM A Deep Dive in ZENworks Architecture UEM Webinar-May
(No link available yet)
ZCM Remote Management ZCM Remote Management Tasks and Options
ZSD Log Analysis ZSD Analyzing the LiveTime and other Logs for troubleshooting
Webinar: ZENworks Inventory and Reporting ZCM Discussing Inventory and reporting on inventory UEM Webinar-April
(No link available yet)

ZCM Deploy MS Store Apps with ZENworks

ZCM Deploying MS Apps Store applications with ZENworks Bundle Management

ZCM Analyzing Agent Logs
zac zeninfo

ZCM Analyzing zeninfo logs
ZCM zdc Analysis ZCM Running and Analyzing zdc Reports
Webinar: ZENworks 23.3 What's Coming ZCM Mac Management, AzureAD User Config and Management UEM Webinar-March
(No link available yet)
ZSD Outages and Alerts ZSD Configuring & demoing Outages and Alerts
ZSD Onboarding Automation ZSD Creating the Onboarding Ticketing Process
ZCM 2020U3 - Deep Dive Adv Patch Management ZCM Adv ZPM Deep Dive Blog
UEM Webinar-February
(No link available yet)
ZCM Identify & Cleanup Old Bundles/Policies ZCM Identify/Cleanup Old or Not Used Bundles & Policies
Webinar ZENworks 2020 Update 3 - What's New ZCM What's New in U3 Blog
UEM Webinar-January
(No link available yet)
ZENworks Upgrade to ZCM 2020 Update 3 ZCM ZCM Appliance upgrade
ZSD Getting Service Desk off the ground ZSD ZSD Presentation/Demo
ZENworks A Look Back and To the Future ZCM, ZSD, HW ZENcast a Look to the Future!
ZCM Controlling the USB Devices/Ports ZCM ZESM USB Policy Demo

ZCM 2020 Update 3 - What's New (Series)


ZCM 2020U3 Overview
w/more deep dive demos in 2023

Hybrid Workspaces &
SLD Navigation


Customer Portal - Software, License and Download (SLD) Navigation

Hybrid Workspaces - What Is It?
Automating Ticket Routing ZSD

Automating ZSD Tickets to simplify processes

ZSD v8.3.1 What's New ZSD

ZSD v8.3.1 New Enhancements and Features

ZCM Zocker - What is it? ZCM Zocker Information and Run Through
Navigating the ZENworks Appliance Administration Console ZCM, ZRS, ZSD Navigating the Appliance Console and taking the edge off the unknown
ZCC Administrators Permissions ZCM ZCC Permissions for different Administrators in different scenarios
ZCM Primary Server Migration to an Appliance ZCM Demonstration of moving a Windows OS Primary server to an Appliance
Applying Cumulative Updates to a ZCM Zone ZCM Demonstrating Keeping the Zone Current by applying cumulative updates
MFDC Application Streaming - Low Cost VDI MFDC Streaming Demonstration
Tapping into the ZCM and ZSD Databases ZCM,ZSD How to query databases and access the Appliance internal database
ZSD v8.3 What's New ZSD ZSD v8.3 What's New Walkthrough
ZSD v8.3 Upgrade ZSD ZSD v8.3 Upgrade Demonstration
ZRS Installation Configuration & Reporting ZRS Installation and Configuration of ZRS along with quick tips
ZCM Bundle Building and Deployment ZCM Demonstrating different Types of Bundles and their configuration
ZENworks Ports & Protocols ZCM,ZSD,ZRS Ports & Protocol Discussion
ZSD v8.3 What's New ZSD ZSD v8.3 What's New Walk-thru
ZSD Customizations ZSD Reschedule
ZCM Ext. Volumes for the Content Repository ZCM Moving Content Repository
ZCM Support Scenarios ZCM ZCM Scenarios
ZENcast Rescheduled ZENcast ZENcast Rescheduled
ZENcast Top Favorites & Announcements ZENcast ZENcast Top Favorites & Announcements
ZAA Troubleshooting ZCM ZENworks Adaptive Agent Troubleshooting
ZSD Getting Started ZSD ZSD Getting Started Step-by-Step
Micro Focus Desktop Containers - Streaming MFDC Application Streaming Everywhere with MFDC
ZSD & Dynamic Forms ZSD The Power of ZSD Dynamic Forms
ZENworks Imaging from Linux to WinPE (Part 2b) ZCM Running ZENworks Linux Imaging in parallel with ZENworks WinPE Imaging
ZAM & Contract Management ZCM, ZAM Asset and Contract Management
ZCM 2020 Dashboards ZCM, ZPM ZCM Bundle and Task Dashboards ZCM Patch, CVE & Antimalware Dashboard
ZCM 2020 U2 Upgrade ZCM ZCM 2020 U2 Upgrade Discussion ZCM 2020 U2 Upgrade Demo
ZCM Imaging & Zone Disaster Recovery ZCM, Imaging ZCM Imaging w/WinPE Zone Disaster Recovery
Discover Connected 10 & Backup Connected Connected 10/Backup Discussion Connected 10/Backup Demonstration
ZENcast Live! On Holiday Holiday Announcements
ZCM 2020U2 Customer Ideas & Features ZCM, ZPM ZCM 2020 U2 Customer Enhancements/Features
ZCM 2020U2 Antimalware ZCM, ZPM, ZESM ZCM 2020 U2 Antimalware Discussion Demonstration by Guest Darrin VandenBos - Product Manager
ZCM2020 U1 Appl Install + U2 Enhancements ZCM ZCM 2020 Appliance Install
Service Desk 8.2.1 Enhancements & Features ZSD Discussion & Demonstration of new Enhancements
ZENworks Imaging & WinPE Integration ZCM, Imaging ZENworks Imaging Discussion & Demo ZENworks Imaging Win10H2 Demonstration
ZCM Inventory & Reporting ZCM, Inventory How to leverage ZCM Inventory & Reporting Discussion ZCM Inventory & Reporting Demo
MFDC v21.1 Server, Hub & ITL Integration w/AdminStudio MFDC, AdminStudio Discuss & Demo MFDC new capabilities with Server Hub and integrations
Database Access, Queries, Tips and Tools ZCM, ZSD Database Access, Queries, Tips, & Tools - Discussion & Demonstration
ZENworks Policies ZCM, Policies ZENworks Policies in Action
Air-Gapped ZENworks Patch Management ZPM ZENworks Patch Management in Action
ZENworks System Maintenance Part 2 ZCM ZENworks Zone System Maintenance Part 2
ZENcast Live! Holiday Announcements
ZENworks System Maintenance Part 1 ZCM ZENworks Zone System Maintenance Part 1 ZENworks Zone System Maintenance Demo
ZENworks Certificate & Certificate Update ZCM, Certs ZENworks Certificate Discussion ZENworks Certificate System Update Demo
ZENworks Full Disk Encryption ZESM, FDE FDE Discussion & Demonstration
ZSD v8.2 Enhancements & Installation ZSD ZENworks Service Desk v8.2 Enhancements ZENworks Service Desk v8.2 Upgrade Demo
ZCM Audit & Agent Events ZCM ZENworks Audit of Events and Activity in the Zone Demonstration of Setting up Auditing of Events & Agents
Inventory, CDF, Tracking ZCM, Inventory Asset Inventory & Tracking w/ZCM ZCM Asset Inventory & Tracking Demonstration
Test Environments Importance and Benefits ZSD Test Environment benefits & How to Raise a ZSD Environment Quickly
ZCM 2020 MDM Part 2 ZCM, MDM ZENworks 2020 MDM Discussion and Demo Part 2
Discovering ZENworks Asset Management w/ZSD ZSD, AM ZENworks Service Desk Asset Management Discussion and Demo
ZENworks Zone Design & Maintenance ZCM ZENworks Zone Design and Planning Discussion ZENworks Zone Design Examples & Demonstration
ZCM 2020 MDM Part 1 & DMZ Setup ZCM, MDM ZENworks 2020 DMZ & MDM Discussion Part 1 ZENworks 2020 MDM Demonstration Part 1
ZENworks Bundle Provisioning w/ZSD Store ZCM, ZSD Understanding ZSD/ZCM Integration Benefits of the Store and Customer Self-Help Integrating ZENworks Service Desk with ZCM and Enabling the Store
Keeping Users Safe with ZCM Policies ZCM, Policies Understanding ZENworks Power of Polcies Practicing the art of Policy Deployments
ZCM 2020 Update 1 Troubleshooting & Log Review ZCM ZCM 2020U1 Troubleshooting Discussion & Demo
ZCM Bundle Building ZCM, Bundles ZCM Bundle Building Demonstration
ZCM Test Environments in minutes ZCM Build a ZCM Environment in minutes with a zman Script
Customer Support Staff & ZCM 2020U1 Upgrade ZCM, Support Micro Focus Customer Support is here for all your needs ZCM 2020 Update 1 Upgrade Demonstration
ZCM System Updates Connecting @Home Workers ZCM, DMZ @Home Workers-How to Connect Users Securely (Roundtable)
ZCM 2020 Update 1 What's New ZCM, MDM ZCM 2020 U1 Enhancements, Feature & Win 10 Agentless Enrolment Windows 10 Agentless Enrolment
ZENworks Reporting Discussion ZRS ZRS Start to Finish ZRS Start to Finish Demo
ZCM Zone Overview ZCM Discussing ZCM Zones Connecting ZENworks Systems Together
ZSD v8.x Enhancements ZSD ZSD v8.x Enhancements ZSD v7.5>v8.1.2 Upgrade
ZCM Endpoint Security & CVE's ZCM, ZESM ZESM Security & CVE's ZCM Appliance 17.4 > 2020 Migration Demo
ZCM Best Practices & Tools ZCM Flexibility of using DB Migration Tools


Information Governance
Information Management
Endpoint Management
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