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ZENworks Named a ‘Leader’ in IDC SMB UEM MarketScape… So What?

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IDC recently released their 2022 UEM MarketScape report and had some favorable reviews for ZENworks. Read on to see how Micro Focus is leading in the SMB UEM space and why it matters for you.


Analyst reports don’t lie. When IDC releases a MarketScape report, its results are based entirely on its own market research, customer interviews, and assessment of the market. In other words, the results of the latest MarketScape report are where Micro Focus actually sits in the unified endpoint management space so you can know how our products stand up against the competition.

In this year’s report(s), Micro Focus was positioned as a:

  • ‘Leader’ in the SMB UEM MarketScape report
  • ‘Major Player’ in the Apple Devices UEM MarketScape report
  • ‘Major Player’ in the Ruggedized/IoT Device Deployments UEM MarketScape report
  • ‘Major Player’ in the Overall Worldwide UEM MarketScape report.

This is reassuring and supports the Micro Focus strategy to focus on our key market differentiation as the vendor of choice to support traditional and modern device management within a single pane of glass. ZENworks helps organizations manage crucial areas in today’s UEM conversation like asset management, endpoint security, service desk software, and data analytics.

While being a ‘Leader’ or ‘Major Player’ in the UEM space is great, our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. Rather than listing a bunch of features or capabilities of ZENworks, here are some strengths of the ZENworks solution presented in the report and why they matter to you in your unified endpoint management strategy:

More With Less

Micro Focus supports a broad range of Windows policy enforcement capabilities with an on-device agent that can offer deeper levels of control and management as opposed to over-the-air UEM Windows management tools that rely only on the MDM protocol for modern PC management.

So What?

Other vendors often require more IT resources (who has more IT resources to give?) to manage the complex needs of unified endpoint management in their organizations, but Micro Focus’ easy-to-administer philosophy means that companies with lean IT teams can manage hundreds of thousands of devices with only 3-4 people, a commanding differentiator in a world where IT is being asked to do more with less.

OS Containers

Micro Focus can deploy a sandboxed endpoint environment to managed endpoints in the form of an OS container, which can help prevent data loss on endpoints while limiting which types of files and apps can be accessed and executed on the endpoint.

So What?

The ZENworks Suite adds to its already strong device-level logs and data reporting with in-depth behavior analytics to give insight into device configuration and management. This allows you to understand how endpoints are used and how best to manage them.


ZENworks unified endpoint management tightly integrates with other Micro Focus IT products such as ones that cover data protection, security, and identity platforms, making it a strong tool in a multi-product Micro Focus environment.

So What?

These technologies remain a strength for ZENworks and further complement our integration story. They offer better management options across Android devices and Office 365 app policy enforcement as well as options for the configuration of Apple TV devices for conference room presentations, digital signage, etc.

Remote Management

ZENworks can manage devices efficiently in remote locations by detecting the location of the end user via the UEM desktop agent and provision the right set of applications and restrictions depending on where the worker is (in the office, at home, or traveling). This can be coupled with remote management capabilities to help troubleshoot devices.

So What?

This further supports our integration story. The depth of our portfolio offers value (especially for large enterprises) since they may already have a significant investment in solutions such as identity and access, data center security, archiving, backup, content management, AI, insight engines, and file/sync/share.


We present this report not to brag, but to shed some light on why ZENworks should be on your shortlist for unified endpoint management solutions. IDC recognizes our hard work to meet our customers’ needs in a challenging market. We strive to provide the best UEM experience to our customers to help them manage, protect, back up, and analyze their endpoint devices anywhere, from a single pane of glass.

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