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Time to upgrade to ZENworks Service Desk v8.3.1

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ZENworks Service Desk v8.3.1 is ready for action!

Check your version by reviewing the ZSD Version Currency page.

These new ZSD system enhancements greets the technician and customer with added benefits to gather the accurate information from the start.  The self-service store coupled with dynamic forms allows customers to facilitate their requests personally by presenting applications, knowledge transfer, notifications, and ticket creation.  It leverages technician interaction targeting the most qualified skill-set to achieve quick resolution, resulting in quicker service and higher customer satisfaction.  The latest features and customization of users and customers portal provides the organization an intuitive presentation to manage issues and requests, provisioning and management of assets.

Upgrading through the Online Update Channel simplifies the requirements to upgrade and quickly updates to version 8.3.1.

Check out the latest new features in ZENworks Service Desk version 8.3.1.

Secure logins via Token-based authentication, cloud-based user sources, advanced Item search capabilities, and many more including your ideas exchange ideas.

  • Modern Authentication Configuration
  • OAuth Configuration
  • Azure AD User Source connection
  • Item Search pre-populated drop downs
  • Advance Item search in both Requests and Knowledge base documents
  • Ticket Information enhancements on both Notes and Attachments
  • Request List column requirements (2 minimum - 15 maximum)
  • Notes Collapse to free up real estate
  • And more...

See all the latest in ZSD User Source connection and the login experience along with other features in these videos.

Any comments or queries please email zen@microfocus.com.


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