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ZSD 23.3 Beta - Join the Public Beta Team

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ZENworks Service Desk Public Beta is starting next week.

See how you've impacted your ZENworks Service Desk platform with ideas and requests.

Here are the top 3 reasons to participate in the ZENworks Service Desk Public Beta

  • Jump start your knowledge by experiencing the latest release before it comes out.
  • Get under the hood information from developers about this next release enhancements and features.
  • Impact the product with your feedback directly to the Product Manager and Developers.

A simple Appliance install with an update and you can exercise the new features!

Preview of the few major features & enhancements coming in the next release of ZENworks Service Desk v23.3. 
This will be a quick 2 week ZSD Public Beta.

The ZSD v23.3 Beta will be starting Thursdays the week of June 8th - 22nd 2023 @ 0830 AM MDT for 2 weeks.(3 meetings)

To participate email zen@microfocus.com.

We will verify all the needed details and downloads during our first meeting on June 8th.

Major Enhancements w/Scenarios available (and do your own exploring)

NetIQ AAF Limited 2 Form Factor for Technician Authentication *

Install the latest AAF Limited appliance and configure the technicians for 2 Form Factor Authentication

Deleted Requests w/Attachments * - Database Cleanup 

Deleted Requests attachments remain in the database.  Invoking a cleanup of these attachments via a button in the Setup console will help clean up the database and orphaned files from the ZSD System.

Advanced Item Searching in Quick Requests for easier location of Items

Quick Requests now has Advanced Item Search which conforms to the other request creation processes.

AMIE Snapshot Modernization for common modern look and functionality

The first stage of CMDB modernization has started with AMIE Snapshot.  AMIE Snapshot list views now have the modern look and feel to keep consistency and flexibility of managing the AMIE Items that are imported.  Also AMIE Import Description Field Requirements are added allowing to populate the Item Description as it is importing. 

Disable Email Auto Suggest *

Are you a partner or customer that needs added Customer security?  This setting will allow you to turn the Email auto suggestion off so that other customer emails are not exposed.  This gives another granular setting of security for those customers opening requests in ZSD.

Comprehensive Quick Call Views

The Quick Call views are all consolidated now!  Enabling the Technician\Supervisor visibility of all the Quick Call settings – Quick Calls, Scheduled Quick Calls and Group Template Quick Calls.  We also removed the Mandatory Time for quick calls.

Customer Email reminder after x days *

Customers not responding when request more information?  Now you can configure an email to remind them after a configured amount of days.  This is an extension of the Handshaking Auto Close feature which sends a reminder email to the customer that the Technician is waiting for information in order to progress through the request.  This enhancement includes an email template for automation.

Customer Reopen Closed Requests *

Are your customers needing to reopen a request because the issue is not resolved or came back?  Now you can configure the customer when they log into the customer portal, the Action menu has a Reopen action for the request.

Other Customer Requested Enhancements

  • Searching on Alias Email Addresses *
  • Customer Profile Time zone and Date/Time Settings *
  • Additional Template Attributes for Email Personalization-Customer First/Last *
  • Holiday Calendar View and State Changes *

Cosmetic Enhancements that will be noticed in this release

  • Display KBA# in Info when opened/comments 
  • OpenText Rebranding and Version Alignment
  • Appliance Administration Console DB Information *
  • Mobile Device Text missing from buttons *
  • Appliance Administration Console Tile Rename
  • Getting Started – “I’m Done” button moved *

* Ideas Exchange \ Customer Requested Enhancements


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