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ZENworks Service Desk v8.3 Pre-Beta Sneak Peek!

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Get Involved: Provide feedback on the latest features, which may get you some quality swag from Micro Focus in appreciation!

Interested in getting a sneak peek behind the scenes of the latest developments in ZENworks Service Desk?  
Help us pin down the features and enhancements coming in the next release.  Many new features are a result of the ZENworks Service Desk Community Ideas.  Get a head start preview of the few major features & enhancements coming in the next release of ZENworks Service Desk v8.3.  The Pre-Beta Sneak Peek will go on through January 2022. 
Download the ZSD83 PBScenarios.zip at the bottom of this page.

The ZSD v8.3 Beta will be starting in December 2021.

Don’t need to prep hardware or install anything!
The Scenarios are all exercised on a cloud instance of ZSD for ease and convenience, as directed in the scenarios.

Download the Scenarios so you can review these new features and provide additional feedback before they're code locked.  These scenarios will allow you to "kick the tires" on the different features you may be interested in or learn more about.  Your testing is valuable to us, if you provided feedback through filling out the survey we’ll be able to improve the product even more while in development.

With every scenario you've completed and provide feedback, you'll be entered into a drawing for Micro Focus SWAG!
The feedback survey is launched from a link in ZSD for convenience and privacy, where you can opt-in for SWAG drawing.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Download the Scenarios
  2. Log into ZSD Online Instance
  3. Provide feedback and enter the drawing

  Chose one or all of these scenarios compiled in the ZSD83 PBScenarios.zip (attached):

  • Create ZSD Request Tickets
    Review creation of tickets with added custom fields, required fields and Dynamic Forms in action.  These will also be referenced in other scenarios.
  • Advanced Item Search
    Experience the new Advanced Item Search capabilities when creating/modifying Requests with the ability to filter down to the correct Item.
  • Customer Portal Home Page Dashlets
    Exercise the new Customer Portal Home Page Dashlet personalization by moving the dashlets around and saving to your profile.
  • Customer Portal Self Help Redesign
    Experience the newly designed Customer Portal Self Help Documents with added features like ratings, comments and filtering.
  • Technician Portal Knowledge Documents Lists Page
    Experience the newly designed Technical Portal KNOWLEDGE Document List Page by Personalizing the list, selecting the columns, the column order and column width for each document type.  Also, manage the document list page with filtering, bulk actions, status changes and ratings.
  • Technician Portal Knowledge Documents
    Tour the Redesigned Technician Knowledge Documents displaying the Actions, filtering, auditing, ratings and comments.   Experience the newly designed Technical Portal KNOWLEDGE Documents with creation, modify and other enhanced capabilities.
  • Store Dynamic Forms
    The Dynamic Forms add extra flexibility to Requests providing that extra needed information.
    Explore how the Dynamic Form can be used in the ZSD Store Item Requests.
  • Delegate Role
    Customers on leave or out for a period of time where another individual should manage their requests?
    Use the Delegate Role for the management of VIPs, or colleagues managing their Requests on behalf of the Customer (like a Proxy or Deputy).
  • Auditing Redesign and Improvements
    Give yourself a view of the Auditing improvements in the Requests and newly designed Knowledge Document History/Auditing.
  • LDAP User Source Advanced Filtering Query
    Do you have a large User Source to filter through?
    See how we've expanded the LDAP User Source Filtering to target specific account/group attributes needed and speed up the synchronization process.


Endpoint Management
ZSD83 PBScenarios.zip
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  • Laurence, 
    Thank you for your comment.

    As far as Webinars or Video content.  
    We are in the Public beta now.
    The videos are in the works now and will be posted closer to the Feb 28th ZSD v8.3 release date, along with a ZENcast Live! March 1st dedicated to What's New in this release.

    Stay tuned!!!

    Paul Pedron

    Micro Focus Product Manager