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Retval 8010, DP 8, and Exchange 2013 integration

Our friend RETVAL 8010 is showing up when I try to configure a backup job on DP 8 for Exchange 2013 integration.  Fortunately, right now this is in my test lab, but I'm going to need a solution for Exchange 2013 in a month or so.


Is this a known issue (read: an easy fix)?




  • Verified Answer

    According to Microsoft, exception 0xC0000142 (STATUS_DLL_INIT_FAILED) means that initialization of the  dynamic link library failed. It looks like some of dll's linked to e2010_bar are missing or not correctly registered.


    1) In Windows 2012 environment .net framework 3.5 is not installed by default,  so please install it manually through ServerManager on all windows 2012 machines and after that try again to configure Exchange  integration. If configuration fails again, proceed with following steps.

    2) Start command prompt at client testlabex04 (if possible also try on other machines), execute following commands and send us  output:
    "C:\Program Files\OmniBack\bin\e2010_bar.exe" -v
    "C:\Program Files\OmniBack\bin\e2010_bar.exe" -chkconf
    "C:\Program Files\OmniBack\bin\e2010_bar.exe" -getexchversion
    3) If you receive error as expected in step 1, try to reinstall Microsoft Visual C 2008 and 2010 runtime (download: and after that try again commands from previous step, and if they are working, try again  to configure Exchange integration
    This case is still an open issue, no clear solution yet
  • Bob, is there an escalation on this issue?  We're in the same boat, Exchange admins are very worried about having to grant full blown access.  Have you tried incrementally enabling services to see what the baseline threshold is?   Thanks for any input.

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