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H3C CAS client import is failing with below error

Hi ,

Could you please help here am configuring the H3C CAS in my cell manager and getting the below exception.

[172:63] Failed to login to host 'hostname' .

Could not login to the host with the provided login credentials.


1. Ensure that user on the backup host is present in the Data Protector UserList.
2. Ensure that the correct user credentials are provided.

Note: am able to login to the same H3C CAS host in browser with the same credentials.

Not sure what am missing..

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  • DP 11.01 and H3CAS 5.0 and 7.0 .

    Does the username or password contain any non alphanumeric characters? 

    Yes password has non alphanumeric..

    the same setup is used by colleague and working for him. 

    there is no much difference in setup of DP.