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omnir parameter to restore only a transiction log backup without including full and diff.

Hi, i would like to do a DB SQL restore, i used to us omnir CLI with necessary parameter, every thing is fine but now i try to restore only a session ( transaction Log) , i don't want to including the full, deiff. backups, i can do that with GUI but i can't get the necessry parameter that i have to use with omnir command. Do someone has any idee about it ?
Thanks alot

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    I see this one was never replied by anyone. Hopfully you have found the answer by now. If not, the option to use would be "-nochain". With the "-recovery, the DB state can be specifid, e.g. the following MSSQL_OPTIONS wouldkeep the DB in norecovery or restoring state:

    -nochain -replace -recovery norec

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