Source side deduplication and PG backups

Dear All,

We seem to be unable to use source-side deduplication for PG backups. It fails with the below:

[Normal] From: BSM@ "D1-2-SSDedup"  Time: 2/6/2024 9:40:16 AM

      Backup session 2024/02/06-17 started.


[Normal] From: BSM@ "D1-2-SSDedup"  Time: 2/6/2024 9:40:17 AM

[61:12021] Integration backup with source side deduplication detected.

[Major] From: postgresql_bar@ ""  Time: 02/06/24 09:54:45

      Backup failed.


[Major] From: postgresql_bar@ ""  Time: 02/06/24 09:54:45

      The database reported error while performing requested operation.

      Backup failed.



CM:        Windows 2019 Server, DP 23.03

Client:   PostgreSQL 15,4 on  RHEL 8.6

It used to work well on legacy PG agent but now fails.

Are there any limitations for the new PG integration agent or what may be causing it?

For many other integrations with DB's it still work well too but not with PG.

Thank you!