Data Protector 9.07 support ESXi and vCenter

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I would like to inquire about the compatibility of Dataprotector versions with VMware ESXi. Currently, we are using DP 9.07 to backup data on tape drives.

However, we have noticed issues with backup operations in DP software since upgrading ESXi from version 6.7 to 7.0 and vCenter to version 8.0.

We encounter the error "Could not backup disk scsi 0:0:1" regardless of whether the backup is initiated through the ESXi channel or the vCenter channel.

Is there any other way to make the current DP9.07 tape backup support ESXi 7.0 and vCenter 8.0? Or do we need to upgrade the DP software version to 10.91?

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    Thanks for using the forum. This DP version was obsoleted mid 2018, years before ESXi 7 was even released. So, no this is not supported and this DP version is almost 6 years out of support. Furthermore, version 10.91 is only supported for another month now. So I strongly suggest to move to a later version and 23.4 would be the best choice as that is a long term supported version (October 2026). I want to add that upgrading from 9.07 is not really supported. It would be better to freshly install 23.4, preferably on new hardware, so that everything can be migrated from the old cell to the new cell. More information about 23.4 installation can be found here:


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