DP 23.4 backup DAG Exchange 2019 IP-LESS

Hi Colleagues,

I have a scenario where I have a MS Exchange DAG IP-Less environment with 5 Exchange Nodes (Hyper-V VMs). The following was done on all the Exchange nodes:

1. Local DP Install with Cluster Aware enabled

2. The following components were added " MS Exchange Server 2010+, MS Volume Shadow Copy Integrations + GRE for Exchange"

3. Imported the 5 Exchange Nodes as Virtual Servers

So as I can see I was not able to import the Exchange Cluster due to IP-LESS environment. Maybe I am missing something here. I configured backups for each Exchange server using the MS Exchange 2010+ option and each showed all the active and non active data bases (MB01 etc) under the name of the DAG name for example" BAK-DAG01"

Has anyone done this type of IP-LESS backups and Restores using GRE ? Can someone give guidance and confirm if the above actions are correct or if I missed any important steps.