Granular recovery in 23.4 under DP user interface Home/restore tab - SQL error

Hi. We've recently upgraded to DP 23.4 and have started using the new method of GRE under the home/restore tab in the DP UI. This was previously working but now when we click on the restore option from the home page we are getting the following error (as mentioned, this was previously working):

Error code 500.


failed to run sql=SELECT

hypervisor_type FROM


We've tried putting the SQL statement in a .sql file and using omnidbutil -run_script against it directly on the Cell manager (RHEL 7.9) and we don't get the response we expect. Unfortunately I can't supply any screenshots. 

We see more SQL functions returned rather than the results of the SELECT statement.

ERROR: more than one row returned by the subquery used as an expression.

CONTEXT: SQL statement "UPDATE hpdpidb_app.dp_catalog_object AS obj

SET scratch_area = (

## Then there are a number of SELECT/FROM/JOIN/AND/WHERE functions.

PL/pgSQL function vepa_fill_catalog_object_scratch_area() line 12 at SQL statement

SQL statement "select hpdpidb_app.vepa_fill_catalog_object_scratch_area()"

PL/pgSQL function vepa_get_hypervisor_types() line 4 at PERFORM


We've run the same script on a Cell manager where GRE does work and we get the following which looks more like we'd expect:




(1 row)

Any help much appreciated!