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VMWARE power on OMNIBACK data information

Hi All,

Can i get the info releated to VMWARE Power on omniback data. Usually when i do power on vmware in my restore option it is creating some folders(cbt,xml folders) in omniback/tmp/power path. 

  1. Command for clean-up of powered-on vm
  2. Default time interval at which powered-on vms are cleaned up

please help here

  • Verified Answer

    Hi Raj,

    Please check the product documentation for more details on VM Power ON:

    Cleanup/Power Off

    Data Protector stores the list of all the powered on virtual machines. It stores the detailed information about all powered on virtual machines as an XML file in the Cell Server. The cleanup and power off actions are listed below:

    • If the virtual machine is already powered on for more than 24 hours, it will be powered off, and the related storage will be cleaned up.
    • If the virtual machine is powered on from the replica, the data store will be un-mounted and the replica created during the power on process will be removed from the array.
    • If the virtual machine is powered on from the Smart Cache, StoreOnce Catalyst, or Data Domain device, during the clean up process, the data store will be removed, and the NFS share will be deleted.

    Note that the above actions are applicable to virtual machines that are powered on using the Power On feature.

    The virtual machines that are powered on for more than 24 hours will undergo a cleanup operation during the next daily maintenance job. All the virtual machines that are cleaned up in daily maintenance job are logged in the poweronvms_cleanup.log file.



  • Thanks much it really helps..

    Had few questions again sorry for that :)

    1. cleanup operation during the next daily maintenance job will remove the XML file in cell server.

    2. If cleanup operation during the next daily maintenance job will remove the XML file can we edit the scheduled job of 24 hours to down or up (i.e 12 hours or 36 hours).

    3. Where can i find the maintainence job settings?

    Could you please share the info for above queries...

    Thanks much again  for your response ..



  • ++ adding two more questions..

    1. How to trigger a cleanup ?

    2. How to change the frequency of cleanup?


    Raj Ka

  • Suggested Answer

    Hi Raj,

    The daily maintenance time can be adjusted by changing the global parameter "DailyMaintenanceTime".

    If I remember correctly, it can be disabled by setting it to an impossible time: DailyMaintenanceTime=25:00

    The daily maintenance should be triggered when running omnitrig -start:


    Adds the omnitrig command to the cron table and triggers it. This option also starts the Quartz scheduler.

    The daily maintenance jobs will be run.

    The tasks carried out by the daily maintenance are coded internally and cannot be modified as far as I know. Also it takes care of a lot of maintenance tasks, so we should not tamper with it because it will affect the whole product performance.

    If you want to keep a powered on VM for more than 24 hours, you can live migrate this VM, or probably clone it to keep it longer in your vcenter, and then delete it when you have finished working with that VM.

    If you want to remove a powered on VM sooner than these 24 hours, you can power it off, and it will eventually be deleted.

    I hope this replies most of your questions.



  • Hello

    For that purpose you also can use command "omnidbutil -purge_expired_poweron_vms"

    The VM keeps running for 24 hours, before getting automatically removed with omnidbutil -purge_expired_poweron_vms

    Best Regards


  • Thanks! I was searching for that command and I could not find it.

  • Thanks ..

    It really helps...


    Raj Ka

  • Hi ,

    when i ran the command i still see the poweron VM data in omniback folder .

    As from the command is it for expired VM's?


    Raj Ka

  • Hi Raj Ka

    Yes it is just for expired VM's. It means that just will be deleted 24h later than were created.

    Best Regards

  • is there any command to cleanup the below scenario VM.

    If backup and poweron is done at say 12:00 PM

    and If i want to make a cleanup at 2:00 PM am using the command not able to cleanup..

    Is there any solution to it?


    Raj Ka