DP9 Incremental Backups Very Large - VBDA 81:180 Error

Hey all,


I have a DP9 cell mananger doing incremental backups M-F and synthetic full consolidations on Saturday.  Problem is, the incrementals are excedengly large, almost as large as a full backup.  The total size of the volume is 932GB and the incrementals are running 840 GB.  I'm trying to determine why these incrementals are not operating correctly and the only thing I can find is a string of errors that state the following:


Error 81:180 - Cannot clear Archive Flag:  ([3] The system cannot find the path specified. )



The VBDA is not able to clear the archive flag of the
specified object. The error message indicates the reason as
reported by the OS.



The VBDA attempts to clear the archive flag for each successfully
backed up file. Failure to do so will affect future incremental
backups of this object.
If you receive this warning for many files and cannot remove
the cause, you should set the 'Do not clear archive flag' option
in the configuration of the backup object.


Any idea which direction I should go with this?  It's probably simple and I'll kick myself later (I hope).

Thanks in advance!

  • Verified Answer

    Set "Do not clear archive flag" and give "enhanced incremental backup" a shot.

    Also you should check the Server for clues why the archive-flags cannot be switched.

    In case the DP Inet runs under a special user make sure it has full permissions to every item on the Filesystem.

    If it runs local system check the Applications on the Host, sometimes Antivirus locks files during backup, preventing reset of File-Attributes. Putting vbda.exe to the secure Processes in AV-Config can help here.

  • Thanks for the reply! 


    1) We're already using "enhanced incremental backups"

    2) I went throught the session jobs and made sure that the "Do not clear archive flag" is now checked (it wasn't)

    3) the inet service runs with a Domain Admin account, so file permissions should not be a problem

    4) I added the vbda.exe pathname to our AV scanners exclusion list.


    I will monitor our jobs and see if these changes affect the size of the incrementals.


    Thank you!

  • I think we may have a winner! initial results are very promising, but I'll wait until Monday to make a final call. 


    thanks for the great advice!