How can I disable schedule from a group of backups


I am using DP v.7 in a Windows Server 2008 R2 Cell Manager.
I want to disable all the schedule backups only from a group of bakcups, but I always will need the execution of the schedule backups of another group of backups. I usually do it manually from the GUI, but I have to go one by one of the 72 backup specifications, and I do this every month.

I want to create a .bat file, with a list of commands to disable the schedule backup, and other to enable again.

I hope you can help me.



  • Hi ,

    There is no GUI or CLI command for this in Data Protector prior to version A.10.03. The only thing you can script is the following. Simply add the string -disabled at the top of each schedule file you want to disable. Remove it to enable the backup spec again.

    Sebastian Koehler

  • Verified Answer

    Hello JOSE CARLOS,

    Let me try to make a comment.

    First thing - is your DP version 7.x? If yes, then you may need to note that this is now an unsupported version and you may want to upgrade soon to either 9.x or 10.x (recommended).

    Specific to your query and given that this is an unsupported version, I think I can share to you what other customers have been doing, as per what I've observed.

    CM schedules directories are "schedules" and "barschedules". What they would do is make a copy of the existing schedule files in these directories and then empty these "schedule files". This will effectively mean no schedule to run for this backup. When omnitrig checks the schedule file and it is empty, then it will not start it.

    Here are the steps

    1. Make a copy to another directory of the files inside "schedules" and "barschedules" directories.

    2. Empty the specific file(s) inside "schedules" and/or "barschedules" - for the backups you want to disable schedule.

    3. Copy from the "another directory" the schedule file(s) that you want to enable again.

    Do take note:

    datalists ========> schedules

    barlists =========> barschedules

    You might want to check the files inside the above directories.

    And so from the above steps, you can write your script.

    Again, you have an unsupported version and so the above is also an unsupported which I will allow but do review it first and then I will let you decide.

    Hope this helps



    DP Support

  • Thanks, I created a .bat with a script to move the files located in ...OmniBack\Config\Server\Schedules and ...OmniBack\Config\Server\Barschedules to a temporal folder, and indeed the schedule backup didn't execute.

    To enable it again is so simply as move again the files to the original location.