Hyper-V backup fails only on non-owning CSV nodes



I have a problem with Hyper-v cluster backup using DataProtector 7.1 version.


It's a 3 node 2008 R2 cluster with two CSV. The problem is that the backup always fails, but only for the virtual machines that are on hosts that do not own the CSV. So let's say that node1 owns both of the CSV in this case only the virtual machines and is running three virtual machines. In this case only these three virtal machines will get backed up all others are gonna fail with:


[Major] From: OB2BAR_VSSBAR@xxxxxx.xxxxxx.local "HyperV" Time: 22.10.2014 18:29:44
There is no data to be backed up.


Anyone got any ideas what to look for?


Kind regards,