Data Protector Restore menu display garbled text. Is this an Internal Database Corruption?


My DP10.02 has some problems displaying items in the restore menu. Reading from the internal database
the whole directory is displayed in garbled text.

System: Windows 2008 R2 Server / Lotus domino 9.01 Fp3

Will uninstalling and reinstalling data protector fix this issue? Can I still reuse my old internal database from previous backups?

Thanks appreciate any advice since MF can not support my platform.




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  • Hello ,

    I don't think it is a corruption. It looks like the GUI is interpreting something wrong, which has been stored in the DCBFs.

    Can you please shed some light on the used Lotus Domino version and operating system. Do you use any kind of localization on the Domino server that would explain what we see? Is this a upgrade or new installation?

    Sebastian Koehler

  • Hello ,

    Thank you for your response. Our Lotus Domino mail server is not running any localization like Chinese or Arabic texts - Is this what you are referering to?

    The Software version and System environment its running on is Lotus Domino Release 9.0.1 FP3 on Windows Server 2008 R2 Data center edition (64-bit)

    The First Data protector software we got from our IT solution provider was HP Data protector 9.

    Last year, then a few months later - I got news of Data Protector 10 was recently released, so I upgrade our Software and License to Data Protector 10 to get the latest support and updates, but then I found out that after upgrading to version 10 - My Backup Schedules do not work on version 10, so I had to manually initiate the backup at their respective schedules late in the night. Later on a patch came up 10.02 which fixed the problem with my Backup schedules. I just tried to test my backups, this what showed up on my dataprotector.  I would also like to mention that when I try to access the backup DP 10 crashes. I was planning to uninstall the reinstall the program or Downgrade my version to DP 9 again maybe it will work better in the older version.
    Thank you for taking the tme to look at my issue with DP 10. I appreciate it a lot!


    Jay Arc


  • Hello 

    It seems this issue is now known to Micro Focus support. Here is the link to the SSO portal.

    Lotus backup | When expanding objects for restore - GUI shows unreadable chracters on each entry

    Sebastian Koehler

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