Load Balance - Best Settings



I´m using DP 6.20, with a Storagetek SL150 with 9 drives, we setting up load balance to MIN=1 and MAX=1 , yes use only 1 drive, but use a free drive.



My problem is DP tries to mount in a in use drive, gerenate a error and then try to mount in another drive, until it find a free drive. My monitoring solution get this error and open a ticket, but this is not a error.


I think we had 2 options:


1 - DP looks for free drives and mount directly in this drive




2 - DP doesn´t generete this error message


Thanks for any help or suggetion....


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  • I noticed in the Tape-drives.txt that a couple of the device serial numbers were blank.  This is what's used by default for the lock name.  Also check the SCSI addresses haven't changed - this has caught me out a few times.


    A way to check that the multi-path setting are correct is to go and click on the drop-down for each library and drive to see if these have been updated.


    Another bit of good info is to use the command devbra -dev to see details of devices.