AIX 7.1 HP DP A.09.0x Client Installation - some generic questions


Some generic questions regardings the installation of the HP DP A.09.0x client

  1. As far as i have found on this forum, patching from a nfs mounted share is not supported ? Is this still correct ?
  2. What are the at least components to install on a client ? ( da or da cc )  ( minimum installation ) and how do i add components afterwards.
  3. Does anybody has got the man pages working on AIX ?



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    I will try and answer your questions....

    1. if you are patching a client directly (ie. not from the cell mgr via an installation server) then you can "cd" to the NFS mount and run the against a bundle patch or install an individual DPLNX patch with rpm

    2. least component install is DA. To add more components later, best to do so via cell manager and installation server. could be used but it might moan about patching levels as you've already install DA and patched it.

    3. see the commandline reference doc file which comes with DP....

  • thx a lot,

    i assume that for the reference doc file i have to install the "docs" package.

    Still i will try to get the man pages working since they are getting installed thus they are there but for some reason not useable. I will post a new message as soon as i find out how to access the man pages of the on AIX.

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